RISC-V domestic core 10 bursts! 4 models with flat head brother Xuan iron processor

On December 17, the first “Dishuihu China RISC-V Industry Forum” was held, and 10 domestic RISC-V chips were released in a concentrated manner. The reporter found that the four new chips released by Boliu Intelligent, APT, Jingshi Intelligent, Lingsiwei and other companies are all based on the design and development of the Xuantie RISC-V processor of Ali Pingtou.

The AIoT era puts forward new requirements such as rapid iteration and customization of software and hardware. The RISC-V architecture is open, streamlined, and flexible, and is highly compatible with it. It has become the hottest chip instruction set architecture. Multi-party data predicts that global RISC-V chip shipments will exceed 60 billion in 2025, and a new industry wave is approaching.

Chinese companies have taken the lead in this wave. This forum focused on releasing 10 RISC-V chips, involving MCU, SoC, AI chips and other different types, the quantity and richness are rare. The reporter combed and found that 4 of the domestic cores used Pingtou’s Xuantie RISC-V series cores, covering different needs such as high performance and low power consumption, and can be widely used in intelligent voice, AI vision, industrial control, car networking, etc. field.

RISC-V domestic core 10 bursts! 4 models with flat head brother Xuan iron processor

(Photo: Boliu Intelligent released BL606P, an intelligent voice SoC chip based on Xuantie RISC-V)

The multi-mode wireless connection intelligent voice SoC chip BL606P released by Boliu Intelligence is based on the Xuantie RISC-V processor design. The single chip highly integrates Xuantie C906 and E907 processors, SRAM, multi-mode wireless connection, audio Codec and screen Display and Peripheral interfaces, etc., can be widely used in intelligent voice scenarios. Liu Zhizhu, vice president of Boliu Intelligence, said: “Plattou dared to invest in all aspects in the early stage of the industry and early cooperation, and to provide full-chain services for chip landing, which helped us a lot.”

According to Huang Qunhui, COO of Jingshi Intelligent, Pingtou has done a lot of code optimization in the field of visual AI based on RISC-V, and provided basic industry-oriented software and algorithms. -V chip confidence doubled.” The newly released AI vision SoC chip CR182x, highly integrated dual-core Xuantie C906 processor, 0.5T NPU and Smart ISP, is one of the most integrated products in the industry.

The reporter also observed that Xuantie RISC-V processor has also become the choice of many MCU manufacturers. Yuan Yongsheng, director and deputy general manager of APT, said that the difficulty of building a software ecosystem, unfriendly software development tool chain, and insufficient chip series are the three major problems facing RISC-V in the field of general-purpose MCUs at this stage.

“The cooperation with Pingtou has made a complete system on the entire chain from CPU to chip design, tool chain, product line, and software ecology to solve these problems.” Yuan Yongsheng said. According to reports, APT’s RISC-V MCU shipments exceeded 100 million. In this forum, APT released a 64-bit general-purpose MCU APT32F706, which integrates Xuantie C906 and E907 dual cores to achieve high performance with a maximum frequency of 600MHz.

The Wireless MCU LE503x released by Ling Siwei is based on the Xuantie E902 research and development, with extremely low power consumption to achieve vehicle-level high performance. Wang Zhenshan, vice president of Lingsiwei, said: “The use of the flat-head RISC-V core effectively helps Lingsiwei to quickly deploy and achieve design requirements, shorten the design iteration cycle to a greater extent, and achieve faster product launches.”

RISC-V domestic core 10 bursts! 4 models with flat head brother Xuan iron processor

(Photo: The first on the right is an evaluation board equipped with Lingsimicro’s MCU chip LE503x)

Public reports show that Pingtou’s Xuantie series processors have shipped more than 2.5 billion units, and more than 150 companies have designed chips based on Xuantie series processors. In addition, Pingtou also open sourced 4 Xuantie RISC-V mass-produced processors at the 2021 Yunqi Conference, and opened a series of tools and system software.

It is reported that the first “Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industry Forum” was guided by the China semiconductor Industry Association and co-hosted by China RISC-V Industry Alliance, VeriSilicon Microelectronics, and Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Cluster Development Promotion Agency.

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