RHCE Exam Certification Preparation

I. The RHCE textbook is very comprehensive. A comprehensive review is not only helpful to the RHCE exam, but also improves the technology;
2. As a test taker, the RHCE test has very fixed test sites, which tests should be taken, which should not be taken, and which only take the configuration of the client should be well understood. There will be detailed information on the Internet;
3. There are several small test sites below each major test site, which are also fixed. During the test, the big test site is a question, and the small test site is a sub-item in the question.
Fourth, there are many Redhat EX200 Dumps  on the Internet, and 5-6 copies can be found. The simulation questions cover all the test sites, which are extremely similar to the real questions.

    5. According to real experience, even if there are simulation questions, they may not pass or get high scores:
1) The simulated questions are standard answers, and the answers given on the Internet are not completely correct. You need a master or teacher to guide you;
2) Even if you have the correct answer, you still need to thoroughly understand the knowledge points. After all, although the real and simulated questions are extremely similar, there are still a few changes, and the bare-back questions are not acceptable;
3) The same simulation problem, the results you get twice are likely to be different, because it is the actual machine operation, a certain keyword is wrong, you may get different results; the configuration is a kind of most The method that takes the least time to troubleshoot. If the multi-line configuration is not checked, the Redhat RH200 Dumps will be tense and affect the subsequent questions. Therefore, you must master the troubleshooting method and let the machine tell you what went wrong. For example, the Apache problem cannot be solved. You can use the service httpd configtest to check the configuration. You can also check the error.log / access.log in the / var / log / httpd directory to check the log.
4) Even if the service does not report an error, it does not mean that you are doing it right. You still need to master the verification method to verify whether the simulation questions you have obtained have the correct results. During the test, there will be a machine for you to log in to verify the office. To do the problem, please note that the machine is also a linux server, not windows, and does not have a graphical interface, so you need to master the linux command line software to verify. In particular, samba and squid services should be verified using the following two instructions:
smbclient // -U redhat% redhat
env http_proxy = http: // 8080 links www.g.cn

6. Do the RedHat ex300 dumps that can be found 2 or 3 times. The knowledge points are thoroughly understood. Most of the problems have been encountered and solved. Troubleshooting is not a problem. You should be careful when you take the test and it is easy to get full marks.