Reveal Stainless Steel Flowerpot Surface And Custom Process

To describe the beauty of life with the heart of nature, the space is quiet and elegant blooming color of life. Simple fashion, elegant balance of simple lines, meticulous proportion, showing the charm of art and space combination.

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Size: any size can be customized according to customer requirements and space size.

Surface: flower surface can be customized different processes (stainless steel natural color drawing, mirror, baking paint, electroplating, antique do old, etc.

LOGO: the LOGO of the company and the project can be printed on the surface of flower ware to increase the recognition.

Drainage hole: the bottom can be opened drainage hole and bottom pad high for easy drainag.

Liner bracket: double liner and stainless steel bracket can be used inside for easy planting and placement.

Universal wheel: the universal wheel is added at the bottom of the flowerware to facilitate arbitrary movement, suitable for large commercial planters.

Keel reinforcement: flower box interior can do keel reinforcement processing, increase strength and extend service life, suitable for large flower box tree box sketch, etc.

Tray: flower can be configured with the same surface technology tray, the overall appearance is consistent, prevent floor pollution, increase the convenience of cleaning.

Anti-fingerprint: nano anti-fingerprint processing can be done on the surface of flower apparatus, and there is no residue of fingermark for easy handling

1.Green environmental protection: the flower ware made of stainless steel is healthy and environmentally friendly, without radiation and zero formaldehyde; It can be reused to meet the sustainable development of modernization.

2.Fire prevention, moistureproof, antimagnetic: stainless steel can withstand the test of fire, so that the loss is minimized; And moistureproof characteristic is reflected in southern area particularly apparent, precious document, instrument, valuable article may be affected by damp, and the moistureproof advantage of stainless steel can solve people’s confusion.

3.Convenient maintenance: convenient maintenance of stainless steel cleaning, do not need to spend too much time to maintain, can be directly wiped with detergent, will not change color.

4.Long service life: compared with wood, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel flowerpot service life is longer, not easy to deformation and cracking. And the color design of stainless steel material is diversiform, widened again on the choice of flowerpot, stainless steel flowerpot is very beautiful and easy, tactile and exquisite and smooth. Not the same material, not the same technology, not the same aesthetic feeling.

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