Progressive Die Metal Stamping 7 main advantages

On your next stamped portion, your developers are working hard and you need to define the best method.  Do you need to use progressive stamping, cellular stamping or deep-drawn stamping?

  • SPEED–Progressive die metal stamping is based on constant material feeding through the tool’s various die stations. Compared to traditional manufacturing or machining, the nature of the method enables you to generate more components in a shorter moment.  For high volume parts, progressive stamping provides the lowest cycle times per part.
  • Less Scrap Material–Progressive stamping is a technique of metalworking that can include punching, coining, bending, and several other methods to modify metal to create the required shape of your end portion. The vast bulk of material is used, thus producing less scrap. Progressive Die Metal Stamping can provide the most cost-effective choice for the production of your components.
  • Quicker Setup–The configuration time may be much shorter for the progressive stamping method compared to traditional manufacturing or machining. When using Progressive Die Stamping, what is accomplished in various Setups and procedures during traditional manufacturing and machining can be done in one operation. Setup and processing this decrease will lead in a more cost-effective portion of the piece.
  • Create More Geometries with a Single Process –Progressive Die Metal Stamping enables you to generate multi-geometry components within a single instrument. This video demonstrates the progress of a single portion through a die. In one Progressive Die procedure, all necessary part geometries are accomplished.
  • Longer runs–The constant feed of materials used in the progressive die stamping method makes lengthy runs possible. Longer runs between material modifications and tooling adjustments imply that in a much shorter moment your components can be manufactured.
  • High repeatability–The designs of difficult tooling die allow elevated quantity runs without degradation of the die. This implies that the quality of the component stays elevated and fewer unsuccessful components exist.
  • Lower cost per portion–All of the above variables help to reduce your part’s general price. Using progressive die stamping allows for the most cost-effective and expeditious creation of solid components.  We look forward to assisting you on your next project to save cash.