PPIO Edge Cloud received another 100 million yuan A-1 round of financing within half a year, with a cumulative financing amount exceeding 300 million yuan

Recently, the edge cloud company PPIO announced that it has completed its A-1 round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. This is the company’s return to investors’ support within six months. This round of financing was jointly invested by Chuangshi Partners, Zhangjiang Technology Investment, Panlin Capital and other institutions. Pre-A round investors Lanchi Ventures, Boiling Point Capital and Huaye Tiancheng continued to invest in additional funds.

PPIO said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the company’s continuous research and development of edge cloud native technology and expand more service scenarios. The company is committed to the strategic goal of building the country’s first high-quality edge cloud covering the entire network and domain. In the future, it will continue to deepen the audio and video industry, and focus on the commercialization of cloud games, distributed cloud rendering, edge AI and other emerging scenarios.

It is understood that PPIO has completed multiple rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of more than 300 million yuan. The company’s A-2 round of financing is currently underway, and the transaction is close to completion.

PPIO Edge Cloud was co-founded by the original PPTV founder Yao Xin and chief architect Wang Wenyu in 2018. The core team has a senior technology industry background and continuous successful entrepreneurial experience.

After starting commercial realization in 2020, PPIO edge cloud provides diversified edge cloud computing services for low-latency, high-bandwidth, and re-computing business scenarios. The company has set up micro-data centers and distributed computing resources in more than 800 cities, counties and regions across China, and can provide distributed IaaS and PaaS service capabilities that are dynamically deployed nationwide.

Up to now, PPIO has become an edge cloud service provider for more than a dozen Internet giants, cloud vendors, entrepreneurial unicorns and other major customers, supporting customers’ increasingly rich computing, storage, and transmission needs on the edge of the network. In 2021, the company’s business revenue will grow rapidly, and the revenue scale will exceed 100 million in the first three quarters.

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