Whether Watering is Related to Soil?

How to tell if the soil is dehydrated

Portable usb rechargeable sprayer is beneficial to water soil and flowers. There are 3 methods, namely one look, two listening and three rubbing. Firstly, you check if the color of the soil surface has turned white. If so, it means that there is no water. Secondly, listening is to tap the flowerpot with your hand and listen to the sound. Thirdly, rubbing is to grab the topsoil and rub it with your hands. If sandy loam soil is broken into powder, there is no moisture in the soil. It means that the soil is short of water. If clay is hard and not broken, it means that there is a lack of water.

Cordless Fogging Machine
Cordless Fogging Machine

(1) You tap the pottery pot and the purple sand pot. If the sound is clear, it indicats that the soil is dry and you can water it. If the sound is dull, it shows that the soil below is not dry, you do not water it with portable usb rechargeable sprayer.

(2) Look at the outer wall of the masonry pot. If it is not dry, there will be traces of moisture on the pot wall.

(3) Porcelain pots and plastic pots are put into the soil with wooden chopsticks (rough). You then pulled out to see if the soil on the chopsticks is wet or dry. So you can judge whether the soil underneath is dry.

After raising flowers for a long time, you take a look at the flower pot and tap twice with your hand to know whether the pot soil is short of water.

No watering for a long time

There are 2 methods. One is to fill a wireless fogging disinfection sprayer gun with water. You insert a small hole in the bottle cap and insert it upside down into the flowerpot. So that the water slowly seeps out and the small hole should not be too large. The second is to put the water basin next to the flower pot. You use a few woolen threads or cloth strips. Next, you put one end in the water and the other end in the flowerpot, so that the wool cloth strips slowly absorb water.

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