Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Product name: Magic Flame Humidifier
  • Product model: HX-902
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Packing quantity: 60pcs/carton
  • Color box size: 133*80*80mm
  • Outer box size: 44*33.5*38.5cm
  • Water bottle capacity: 260ml
  • Single net weight: 130g
  • FCL gross weight: 12.5KG
  • Email: cc@athinno.com
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Color: white, blue, pink

Input current: 1A

Input voltage: 5V

Rated power: 2-3W

Spray: continuous spray for 5 hours, indirect spray for 10 hours, available for aromatherapy

Its standard package: a humidifier, a cotton swab, a charging cable, a Chinese-English manual

Mini Humidifier
Mini Humidifier
Multiple Functions

The humidifier enjoys multiple functions:

1. continuous humidification for 5 hours, intermittent humidification for 10 hours

2. muted humidification with no noise

3. soft night light for warm environment

4. 260ml water bottle with big capacity

Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifier
Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifier
Home Humidification

When you wake up in the morning, you can feel moist with the companion of humidifier.

It keeps your home moist all day when you stay. Therefore, your skin won’t be dry under moist environment.

Mini Cool Mist Humidifier
Mini Cool Mist Humidifier
Office Humidification

There are seldom windows in most mordern offices, especially in skyscrapers.

Ventilation for indoor air is not enough. Then portable small cool mist humidifier is necessary to improve indoor dry air.

It increases air humidity and makes you refreshed. Finally it is helpful to promote working efficiency.

Cute Mini Mist Humidifier
Cute Mini Mist Humidifier
Car Humidification

Cars are closed in most time. In this way, closed environment is not good for air ventilation.

Portable small cool mist humidifier also increases air humidity. It still makes you refreshed in cars.

Then you can achieve amazing driving experience.

water bottle
water bottle
Big Capacity

There is a big capacity of 260ml water bottle in the humidifier. Thus it carries more water for humidification.

So it works for 5 hours continuously and intermittently for 10 hours.

Color Changing LED Humidifier
Color Changing LED Humidifier
Sealing Bottle

The sealing bottle is watertight even if toppled. Therefore, it won’t wet any items in any places.

It’s both portable and convenient .

Mini Portable Air Humidifier
Mini Portable Air Humidifier
Button Operation

There is a silver button on it.

Once press means continuous humidification.

While twice press means intermittent humidification.

Mini Humidifier Cute
Mini Humidifier Cute

 Let’s enjoy the purified home space under the fresh mist.

Apart from white humidifier, you can also choose pink or green one.

Link: Mini Portable Air Humidifier