What kind of glasses case of online retailers most chooseing

What kind of glasses case of online retailers most chooseing?

The optical industry has always been one of the most profitable industries in the world till now. With the development of the E-business, more and more B2C online glasses stores are opening on Internet around the World, such as ZENNI, Warby Parker, Framesdirect, etc. As the development of online retailers, it has brought huge dividends to the optical industry, and it has also brought great news to the consumers of the optician.

glasses case e-commerce

But do you know what kind of glasses cases are most used in these famous glasses B2C brands?

Compared with traditional eyeglasses shops, the biggest problem facing optical e-commerce is logistics. Therefore, to reducing logistics costs as much as possible has become one of the top priorities for these online retailers. So the lightweight glasses case will be the better choice of them.

lightweight glasses case

But the lightweight is the only factor to consider? No, of course not enough. The eyeglass case still needs to be strong enough,we need a indestructible eyeglass case. The glasses will inevitably be squeezed during transportation. If the case is not hard enough, it will easily cause cracking, damage the glasses, and even make a bad impression of your brand to consumers. .

So for now, I believe you already have the answer. Yes, it is plastic glasses case. But there is still a problem, the traditional plastic glasses case is very cheap and low-quality in people’s old impression, it is not beautiful enough. So how to solve this problem?

Very simple,let’s make a high-end and good looking plastic glasses case, then make it more beautiful even exceed the average traditional hard glasses case.

plastic glasses case

If a glasses case is combine light, strong and beautiful together. Then it has become the darling of glasses e-commerce. So, is there really such a glasses case?

After an in-depth investigation, the authors found that most of these branded glasses online retailers were purchased from a spectacle case factory in Danyang city-a glasses center of China.

Therefore, I specially disguised as a customer and visited the sample room of this factory. It is really huge, about 500. Square meters, display a variety of glasses case, of which plastic glasses case is particularly eye-catching. No wonder that so many large glasses e-commerce favors.

plastic glasses case sample room

“Many of online retailers, Such as Ebay or Amazon store owner bought from us”,said Mrs Judy,a sector manager in MINMO,”we now have many E-commerce style plastic glasses case for chose.for example,this clear plastic glasses case is very popular by ZENNI.

At last,I found a short video from Youtube,let’s watch it.