Pilz: Web-based visual HMI software

Carefree time, beautiful nature and a passion for life – that’s why we love vacations in far-flung places.

What if you could apply this feeling to your automation tasks?

With Pilz’s web-based PASvisu visualization software, users can manage automation projects and benefit from simple configuration and optimal visualization. PASvisu can be accessed locally or remotely for a comprehensive and convenient overview of the device status. With the most extensive component library, PASvisu can Display automation projects in a visually appealing way.

Structure of PASvisu

PASvisu consists of the configuration tool PASvisu Builder and PASvisu Runtime.

PASvisu Builder, an HTML5-based tool for easy and efficient project creation.

PASvisu PC Runtime, which can be installed in real-time, is used for visualization project running under WINDOWS 7/10.

PASvisu PMI Runtime, embedded real-time runtime, is used for the visualization project running under the embedded compact WINDOWS 7 or Linux.

Pilz: Web-based visual HMI software

Simple and intuitive use of PASvisu Builder

PASvisu Builder provides rich GUI elements (tiles) to provide the best visualization configuration for user projects. When the user drags and drops the patch on the configuration page, the position of the patch can be clearly positioned according to the grid bar in the configuration page, and the alignment method is simple and intuitive. PASvisu Builder can also automatically filter and correlate process variables in the user’s project, eliminating the need to manually create process variables, ensuring a fast, intuitive and error-free working process.

Optimal association of control items with visualizations

PASvisu Builder projects can be easily and directly linked to PAS4000 control projects. Users have automatic full access to all PSS 4000 process variables and the complete namespace, including checksums of called projects, firmware versions of PSSu PLC header modules, etc. With this optimized association, potential errors caused by manually entering or importing variables can be avoided. In addition, automatic variable mapping and automatic project synchronization can also be realized. For example, after the PSS project is updated and changed, the project associated with PASvisu Builder is also updated, and the latest version is always maintained.

Control diagnosis

The (safety) function blocks configured in the control system are grouped in the visualization project in the form of predefined tiles. So diagnostic patches are selected by instance name rather than individual variables.

PASvisu Builder can automatically obtain the safety function blocks used in the PAS4000 project, and the variables related to the safety function blocks can be diagnosed graphically through the diagnostic patch. A list of diagnostics (alarms and remedial actions) and history can also be displayed. In addition, the LED status of the PSS 4000 hardware is also provided with a patch.

PASvisu Web Client Access

The PASvisu server manages the data exchange between all connected web browsers. Using HTML5 network technology, it is possible to realize network remote access and cross-platform access in almost any device based on HTML5 browser terminal, such as PC, tablet computer or smart phone.

The visualization interface can be accessed by:

  • Network: Ethernet over cable
  • Wi-Fi: PC, tablet or smartphone for wireless connection
  • Internet: Route to WAN/WLAN via PC, tablet or smartphone

Pilz’s web-based visualization software PASvisu is the cost-optimized solution for users!

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