How to enter men’s grooming market with AR beard tools like Perfect Corp.

With increased demand for safe consumer product testing, Perfect Corp. introduced Beard Dye and Beard Style tools, which use artificial intelligence and augmented reality to let users virtually test beard colors and styles, as well as beard removal, the company announced on Tuesday.

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The feature offers customers the chance to try on 15 facial hair styles, including full beard, trim beard, stubble beard, soul patch, mustache and goatee. To test what a user would look like without a beard, the technology reconstructs users’ cheeks, jawlines, and other areas of the face covered by hair.

In addition to beard styles, Perfect Corp.’s technology also allows users to virtually try on different beard colors. Once shoppers have tested out a style, the tool will provide side-by-side comparisons to review, per the announcement.

Dive Insight:

The Beard Dye and Beard Style tools, which brands can integrate onto their own DTC shopping channels, mark Perfect Corp.’s entry into the men’s grooming space. The company is well-known for its AR try-on tools for cosmetics.

Earlier this year, the company expanded its try-on tools with a virtual tutorial for cosmetics and an AR eyewear tool. In March, the company also teamed up with Mineral Fusion to introduce virtual makeup testing tools to Whole Foods stores.

Cosmetics brands have turned even further to AR tools to engage with customers as the COVID-19 pandemic imposes a health risk on in-store makeup testing. Following the uptick in demand for AR technologies, Perfect Corp. raised $50 million in Series C funding earlier this year to continue its AI tech development for retailers and enter new markets.

“Men’s grooming customers are turning to digital channels for product advice and inspiration more than ever before,” Perfect Corp. founder and CEO Alice Chang said in a statement. “We look forward to helping men’s grooming brands enhance their direct to consumer shopping experiences with the power of AI.”