Whether it is in daily life or practicing equestrian, the most important thing is self-control. If you can’t control yourself, there are more goals, and more methods are useless. (Equestrian helmet)  Focus on time step by step This is often the case. If you concentrate on horseback riding for half an hour, you may be able […]

16 kinds of stamping and drawing forming process

The Deep drawing forming process is a press working method of forming a flat blank into an open hollow part by using a mold. Drawing is one of the main stamping processes and is widely used. Through the Drawing process, cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, spherical, conical, parabolic and other irregularly shaped thin-walled parts can be made. If combined […]

23mm Width 20mm Depth Tubular Road Rims RT20T

23mm Width 20mm Depth Tubular Road Rims Model: RT20T Size: 700C Material: Carbon T700+30%T800 Brand Name: Superroad Brade Track Width: 22mm Drilling: Traditional/Internal Rim Depth: 20mm Spoke Hole: 16/18/20/21/24/28H Rim Type: Tubular Brake Track: Carbon,Basalt,3K,12K,Twill Weight: 250+/-15g Weave: UD/3K/12K,3K+Twill,12K+Twill ERD: 606mm Finish: Matte/Glossy Max Spokes Tension: 130kgf Max Tyre Pressure: 125Psi/8.5Bars Brake Track Flatness: <0.15mm Roundness: <0.25mm Decal: […]


Learning to ride horses, children have an advantage over adults. (Equestrian Helmet) First of all, children do not have psychological burdens and are more likely to relax. Adults need some psychological comfort when they are new to school. Coaches often help adults to let go of their burdens. Secondly, the child’s flexibility is good and the degree […]

NFC wristband uses

NFC wristbands are available in various frequencies, styles, and material. NFC wristbands come in many materials including silicone, plastic, fabric woven and paper and are available in an array of colors. NFC wristbands are also available in several styles and materials including Silicone, Velcro Strap, and Watch Strap. All wristbands can be personalized to include […]


The igbt, which combines the advantages of gtr and mosfet, is a new type of insulated gate bipolar transistor that was introduced in the 1980s. It has convenient control, high operating frequency, fast switching speed and large safe working area. With the continuous improvement of voltage and current levels, igbt has become an ideal power switching […]


IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a minority carrier device with high input impedance and strong current carrying capacity. From the circuit designer’s point of view, IGBT has input characteristics of MOS devices. And the current output capability of the bipolar device is a voltage-controlled bipolar device. The purpose of the invention of the IGBT is […]


Equestrian is a gentleman’s sport. Learning equestrianism not only increases our life skills, but also opens up our way of thinking. However, before you get started, you must know the following basic knowledge about equestrian(Equestrian helmet). Equestrian equipment(Equestrian helmet) with safety protection The head of the human body is most vulnerable to injury. Before riding, you should […]


As one of the important high-power mainstream devices for power electronics, IGBT has been widely used in household appliances, transportation, power engineering, renewable energy and smart grid. In industrial applications such as traffic control, power conversion, industrial motors, uninterruptible power supplies, wind and solar equipment, and frequency converters for automatic control.  The IGBT module is a modular semiconductor product […]