Helmet Cooling System And Design

BASICS Helmet liners are made of foam that holds heat well. Human bodies use the head to radiate excess heat during exercise. Only a flow of air over the head can carry that heat out of the helmet, so ventilation becomes critical in hot weather, and is needed even in cold weather to carry moisture away. […]

The LCD Panel is more energy efficient and can be disposed of more safely than a CRT. The main brand NEC, Sharp, Auo, Samsung, Mitsubishi...

NEC NL6448BC33-70

NEC NL6448BC33-70 New Stock is a kind of LDC display which contains display with a 640(RGB)×480 VGA resolution. Its respond time can reach 3/15 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) and also it can display 262K colors. Panel Brand : NEC Panel Model : NL6448BC33-70 Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel Panel Size : 10.4 inch Resolution : 640(RGB)×480 […]

glasses case

Some knowledge of glasses case 

Some knowledge of glasses case The history of glasses has been developed for a long time. As many people think that people wearing glasses can see people more clearly, many scholars and professors are wearing glasses. There are a lot of people wearing glasses with no degrees. The glasses and glasses case are basically inseparable, and the glasses […]

PTL-023 Bicycle Helmet

PTL-023 Bicycle Helmet TECHNOLOGY: In-mold technology; PC shell; Color EPS liner; Clean pads(Fabric+comfortable foam); High Lock Control System; ITW buckle; Chinpad FEATURES: 22 Air vents; Reflectors for better visibility ; Strap Dividers for easy handling; ITW buckle with chinpad; Weight 220 gram AVAILABLE SIZES: S-M (54-58 cm); L-XL (58-62 cm) PTL-023 combines a light weight with excellent aeration. The highlights of PTL-023 […]


LJ64H034 is made by Sharp,  SHARP 8.9 inch EL Display resolution is 640×400, data cable type: TTL, LJ64H034 pictures, LJ64H034 price, LJ64H034 supplier . LJ64H034 LJ64H034 The Brief description: Brand: SHARP Model: LJ64H034 Size: 8.9 inch Type EL, EL Pixel Format: 640×400 Active Area: 191.9(H)×119.9(V) mm Outline Dim.246(H)×175(V) mm Luminance:200 cd/m² (Typ.) Viewing Angle: 80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10) […]

Horese helmet

PTL-120 simple design horse helmet

PTL-120 TECHNOLOGY: ABS shell; EPS liner; Double chin pads; Clean pads(Fabric+Comformtable Foam); A-03 FIT system; ITW buckle; FEATURES: Venting System; FIT System; Soft Faux Leather Strap; Inner Padding; Weight 420 gram; AVAILABLE SIZES: XS-S (50-54 cm);  M-L(54-58 cm); L-XL  (58-62 cm) This Equestrian Helmet Matched Standards :EN1384     EN1384 The PTL-120 perfectly combines style design and functionality. Its elegant shape and unique […]

horse helmet


Standards Helmets must meet a defined standard to be certified for use in competition. Procedures vary from one nation to the next. However, as a general rule, the design standards are created by a standards organization that has Helmet knowledge of hazards in the field of activity, and then actual helmets are tested and certified by a […]