Orthotics manufacturer- Ideastep

Ideastep started from Insole and still concentrate on Insole Orthotic.

Here is the website: https://aideastep.com/about/

In the year 1989, Ideastep elder generation created an Insole business named “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.” and start to cooperate with the Shoe manufacturers in Jinjiang China.

In 1992 Ideastep start to travel to different countries to promote our insole.

In these 29 years, Ideastep have been 37 countries for the exhibitions or customer visiting, the different experience makes us the difference.

Ideastep use the DEL-CAM design system and CNC engraving and 3D printing technology manufacturing Pre-fabric & Custom-made Orthotic Insole to Footcare professionals as well as EVA Blockers for Cad-Cam Milling to Foot & Ankle Labs and Workshops.

Ideastep is Orthotics manufacturer in China.

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