One article to understand Siemens SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE

SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE is the latest 24V/48V DC drive system from Siemens. It integrates safety functions and can be widely used in ultra-low voltage industrial fields, especially for battery-driven applications and industrial production equipment with low power and multiple axes.

The system includes the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE PDC series and the TM Drives series. Together with the Siemens SIMATIC series of controllers, it provides the best motion control functions for future-oriented drive solutions.

Efficient, stable and safe AGV/AMR drive system

As a 24/48V high-performance DC servo drive system, MICRO-DRIVE PDC has strong versatility, seamless connection, and integrated safety functions. Ideal for applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), warehouse shuttles and medical equipment.

One article to understand Siemens SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE

One network to the end, three-party support

MICRO-DRIVE PDC supports PROFINET communication, perfectly cooperates with SIMATIC controller, and brings a one-stop solution based on TIA Portal. The drive system also supports third-party brushless DC motor brands, bringing customers more choices.

Ultra-small size, all kinds of exquisite

With MICRO-DRIVE TM Drives, space in the control cabinet can be efficiently used, being approximately 50% narrower than comparable distributed drives and only 20mm wide. Output current 5A ~ 10A. A single slave can be expanded to 64 drive modules. The structure is extremely compact, suitable for 80mm standard control box. Supports various brands of third-party brushless DC motors. It is very suitable for industrial production equipment with low power and multiple axes.

Stepper drive, absolutely supported

The new member of the TM Drives family, the F-TM StepDrive ST, can be used to drive stepper motors and supports encoderless operation. F-TM ServoDrive HF is not only suitable for driving DC brushless motors, but also for positioning and speed control of stepper motors, with a rated power of 280W, which can be installed in very narrow spaces. Triple overload capability and support for BiSS-C multi-turn encoders broaden the range of applications for this model.

Siemens MICRO-DRIVE series is widely used in 24V/48V DC applications, especially in typical battery-driven application scenarios such as AGVs and shuttles, which can bring customers an efficient, stable and safe Siemens overall solution. At the same time, thanks to the extremely compact product volume, it is also very suitable for dynamic and precise positioning functions under multi-axis motion in a limited and small space.

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