NIDays Asia 2019: Full Force Ahead, Insights into the Future of 2020

On November 14th, the annual user conference NIDays Asia hosted by NI (National Instruments) officially opened in Shanghai. Around the theme of “Full Force Ahead”, discuss the future of the 2020 industry with 700+ professionals! Semiconductors, automobiles, defense and aerospace, and colleges and universities are the four core positions that NI is most concerned about at present. At this conference, NI invited experts in these four fields and many NI partners to help you sort out the opportunities in the test and measurement industry driven by disruptive new technologies, and released blockbuster new products to provide a cutting-edge for industry-university-research and industry applications A communication platform to help engineers calmly face the era of technological explosion. This conference is not only a summary of the development of test and measurement technology driven by emerging technologies this year, but also the beginning of a new outlook for next year.

NIDays Asia 2019: Full Force Ahead, Insights into the Future of 2020

R&D is an important indicator to measure the level of technological development and a source of creativity. According to OECD Science, the U.S. and China are far ahead in R&D spending, both exceeding $400 billion. The high investment in research and development has also benefited NI, which spends 19% of its revenue on research and development.

More lasting creativity lies in a wider range of collaborative innovation. Just like the Keynote session of previous NIDays, NI and its partners will jointly demonstrate the power of joint creation. Qorvo, ADI, Valeo, Hyundai Motor, Qian Xuesen Laboratory, Tsinghua University , Shanghai Jiaotong University and other companies/colleges experts made heavy appearances.

Meet the opportunities of the semiconductor industry in the historical stage of disruptive applications

From Sub-6GHz to mmWave, Qorvo shows the killer on the road to 5G evolution

This year, 5G seems to have experienced a lot of “if God’s help” moments: On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television. On October 31, at the China International Information and Communication Exhibition, the three major operators officially launched 5G commercial packages, and the 5G commercial process was further accelerated.

Zhang Chen, director of global semiconductor test market development at NI, introduced the results of cooperation between NI and Qorvo, an expert in the RF field. Zhang Chen said: “The transition from LTE to 5G has significantly increased the number of test tasks. There were 74 in the LTE era, 140 in the LTE Advanced era, and 600 in the 5G era.”

Evolution from Sub-6GHz to mmWave

As 5G uses the frequency band from Sub-6GHz to millimeter wave frequency band, the test method should also change accordingly. The measurement method of Sub-6GHz mainly uses conduction test or RF cable connection. The difficulty of the test is concentrated in two points, the change of the protocol and the increase of the measurement bandwidth. For the measurement of the millimeter wave band, since the size of the millimeter wave band chip is greatly reduced, and the millimeter wave chip will integrate the millimeter wave antenna, the conduction test and other solutions used below 6GHz are no longer suitable for the measurement of the millimeter wave band chip. Frequency bands usually require OTA (Over-the-air) test methods. Zhang Chen emphasized: “The design and test methods of the millimeter wave frequency band are very different from before. Qorvo and NI have cooperated with NI to adopt new test methods to ensure the performance of RF devices.”

In response to 5G testing, NI has been “on the line” more than 10 years ago. Every once in a while, new products are launched to meet new challenges, and this conference also launched a disruptive new product.

NI’s 5G “Flagship” – mmWave VST Meets the Challenges of mmWave Testing

In order to better support the 5G development process, as early as May 2019, NI launched a very forward-looking mmWave VST that can be used in the laboratory and mass production. This product is designed to solve the test challenges brought by 5G mmWave RFIC transceivers and power amplifiers. By synchronizing the motion control of the rotating DUT with the mmWave VST, the delay in the test can be eliminated as much as possible, and the test efficiency can be effectively improved, reducing the measurement time from 6 minutes to 23 seconds in the current test technology, and the speed is increased by 15 times.

NI mmWave VST – Addressing 5G mmWave Testing

How ADI Improves Combat Effectiveness Through Mass Deployment of NI STS Systems

From a historical perspective, every breakthrough in the semiconductor industry is related to major technological innovations. The trend of 5G sparking a prairie fire, the accumulation of IoT, the continuous evolution of AI… The intelligent era formed by this will bring new opportunities for semiconductors. and time-to-market requirements, driving companies in the chip industry chain to actively seek better solutions from the dimensions of design and testing.

ADI, a leader in the analog chip field, has been working with NI for a long time. Jose Roberto Reyes, senior account manager at NI, pointed out: “To meet these challenges, traditional ATE is far from enough. Engineers hope to use measurement IP to reduce laboratory and quantity. the gap between production testing.”

Perhaps, the battle for the new subdivision application field has not officially begun, but the chip company as the foundation must prepare in advance. ADI has reduced test time, reduced test cost, and accelerated time-to-market by deploying NI STS systems at scale, spanning from lab to production test.

Jose Roberto Reyes said: “NI STS can significantly reduce test costs and footprint, and STS’s support for 5G transceiver products is also very good. In addition, it is highly reliable, with a mean time between failures of more than 10,000 hours.”

Realizing unified platform testing from laboratory to mass production, STS has obvious advantages

Add momentum to the automotive industry

Valeo’s XtraVue towing system for intelligent driving

The electrification and intelligence of automobiles make automobiles more and more complex. For Valeo, a well-known auto parts supplier, there are still many opportunities for the future automobile market.

A comprehensive vision system is the primary condition for realizing autonomous driving. Lu Lin, senior test system development director of Valeo Automotive Internal Control (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., shared the application of Valeo’s camera family. Valeo’s XtraVue trailer system introduces a new type of reversing Cameras can make the trailer “invisible”, thereby expanding the driver’s field of view. However, key factors such as the types of different sensors, the installation positions of different cameras, and the collection of related data have caused Valeo to encounter many difficulties in the implementation process. In this regard, Lu Lin said: “PXI can provide a flexible programming environment, with the help of NI, Valeo has built a modular experimental platform, realizing 90% reuse of hardware and software, which greatly improves the test platform. stability.”

Lu Lin, Director of Advanced Test System Development of Valeo Automotive Internal Control (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., gave a live speech

Be the guardian of aerospace

NI and Qian Xuesen Lab formed a bond to help China Aerospace

Not long ago, NI and Qian Xuesen Laboratory established the “Space Technology Research and Application Joint Laboratory”. In-depth and long-term cooperation in the field.

Liu Naijin, Deputy Director of Qian Xuesen Space Technology Laboratory

At NIDays Asia, Liu Naijin, Deputy Director of Qian Xuesen Space Technology Laboratory, praised the cooperation between the two parties: “In the field of software radio technology, NI’s USRP provides design solutions for rapid prototyping of wireless communication systems, resulting in faster results. , we also use NI’s wideband DAQ cards and controllers to measure and analyze scientific experimental data.”

China Aeronautical Development Control System Research Institute and NI join hands to deal with aerospace life cycle testing

The test simulation equipment is one of the core products of the China Aviation Development Control System Research Institute. Huang Xuejin, Assistant Minister of Aviation Development / Director of the Professional Office of the China Aviation Development Control System Research Institute, pointed out in his speech that the testing simulation equipment has the following development trends: development, production, maintenance The vertical integration of the process; the horizontal integration of the collaborative support capability of multi-model equipment; the use of the same standard software and hardware and the realization of data sharing; with high reliability and maintainability.

The system integrated simulator (SIE) built based on this is currently mainly used for the complete solution of testing and verification based on the whole life cycle of the tested object. Among them, NI LabVIEW and VeriStand are used for user interface and modeling and simulation, and NI’s distributed data acquisition is used for real-time data acquisition and control. Huang Xuejin said: “By using NI’s test system, the test time is greatly saved and the test process is simplified.”

Huang Xuejin, Assistant Minister of Aviation Development / Director of Professional Office, China Aviation Development Control System Research Institute

NI helps college education

NI X Tsinghua University: Realizing Industry-University Collaborative Education

Zhu Guiping, Ph.D./Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University, introduced the cooperation between NI and Tsinghua University in the field of colleges and universities. The engineering education concept of Tsinghua University is reflected in all stages of student training. Engineering education is more powerful:

School-wide engineering software: LabVIEW/Multisim, stimulate interest and cultivate basic engineering research capabilities;

Project-based teaching platform: Based on the comprehensive practice of ELVIS III, the two parties jointly build a joint innovation laboratory for virtual instruments, etc.;

Teaching/research platform sharing: In teaching, the combination of virtual and real, from simulation to experiment, in scientific research, semi-physical simulation, to accelerate the development of project prototypes.

Zhu Guiping, Ph.D./Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University

Shanghai Jiaotong University: Aerospace Compressor Testing Research

The Aero-Engine Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University includes 6 platforms, one of which is a testing and verification platform that undertakes research on fans/compressors, advanced aerodynamics/heat transfer testing technologies, etc. Dr. Ouyang Hua from the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University focused on compressor testing research and shared. When conducting research on compressor testing, NI DAQ was used to ensure the stability of the collection of parameters such as pressure, speed, and aerodynamics. and precision.

Dr. Ouyang Hua said: “In the past period of time, we have cooperated very well with NI. Thanks to the stability and flexibility of the NI test system, the smooth progress of the test project has been ensured. We hope to have more in-depth cooperation with NI in the future. Cooperation.”

Shanghai Jiaotong University adopts NI DAQ

There are also these wonderful moments~

Feel free to feel the grand occasion of the Demo area.

Like the little brothers and sisters who explained carefully in the Demo area

On the first day of NIDays Asia, the audience’s enthusiasm for listening and viewing the exhibition was high, which fully proved the enthusiasm of industry professionals to embrace new opportunities in the intelligent era. Five sub-forums—semiconductor testing, automotive testing, aerospace and defense, academic research and education, platform-based topics are in progress, and a rich and vivid Demo exhibition area provides engineers with products and solutions with NI and partners. Opportunities for close encounters with the program. With the help of NIDays Asia, a platform of “cooperation and communication”, more engineers have learned about the powerful ecosystem of NI, and NI will also use the power of the ecosystem to serve customers.

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