NFC wristband uses

NFC wristbands are available in various frequencies, styles, and material. NFC wristbands come in many materials including silicone, plastic, fabric woven and paper and are available in an array of colors. NFC wristbands are also available in several styles and materials including Silicone, Velcro Strap, and Watch Strap. All wristbands can be personalized to include your company’s branding or serial numbers. DO RFID tag manufacturer produced the range of NFC wristbands are available in various frequency including MIFARE 1K and MIFARE Ultralight EV1 NTAG 213, NTAG 215 etc.

NFC wristbands are widely used for point of sale, keyless hotel rooms, identification, access control and security, event management, counterfeit prevention, customer loyalty programs, and waterproof environments. DO RFID tag manufacturer as a professional manufacturer of NFC wristband, our products are customized based on your requirements or projects, and are tailored to your needs.
Custom LOGO printing, multi designs, QR code, barcode, serial number printing all accepted for RFID woven wristband. We can also offer pre-programmed, reading UID, etc for RFID fabric event wristband.

NFC wristband /NFC bracelet is available with the most common NFC chip types on request. We also have some types of NFC silicone wristbands which were designed for hybrid frequencies enable two chips inside for complex project.

Here we will attempt to categorize NFC wristband and provide a lay explanation of their functions. The main materials could be silicone, woven, paper, TYVEK, plastic, etc for optional. Woven NFC Wristband and RFID fabric are woven wristbands or name as RFID event wristband, RFID festival wristband bracelet is comfortable and durable, which are equipped with a slider for a one-size-fits-all capability. Can be 1-time use or recycle use depends on the lock type. Widely used in festivals, events, concerts, parties, conferences, etc.

NFC wristband uses:
Access Control and Security
Hotel Room Key
Time Attendance
Campus, Bus Transportation
Club/SPA Membership Management
Pub, Event Management
Water Park and Swimming Pool
Patient Management
Loyalty and VIP Programs
Leisure Area
Non-Cash Sale
Prevent Counterfeiting
Construction Site
NFC Applications