Air Cleaner Wearable Air Purifier Necklace

Mini Portable Air Cleaner Ionizer

Type: B4
Anion amount: 5 million
Net weight: 30g
Running hour: 12 hours
Noise: ultra silent
Purifying speed:15 seconds
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Travel-Size Air Cleaner
Travel-Size Air Cleaner
The Work Procedure of Purifier

There is carbon fiber brush in the necklace air purification device. Then it releses 5 million anions and purifies the air in 15 seconds. Charging 1 hour keeps the air filter to work 12 hours continuously. Moreover, there is standard USB type C in it, suitable for most charging devices.

Mini necklace air purifier
Mini necklace air purifier
Available on Different Occasions

The design is simple, suitable for different matches. When you wear mini air purifying machine, it is just like green plants around you. What’s more, the purifying device is available in a variety of places, such as offices, restaurants, houses, museum and so on.

Mini Portable Usb Air Cleaner
Mini Portable Usb Air Cleaner
Quiet Purifier

The USB filtration device is quiet. Therefore, it doesn’t disturb people’s sleep including babies. It even keeps them to breathe more fresh air at night.

It’s light. So it’s suitable for all people to wear it to anywhere and anytime.

purifier fresh air circulation
purifier fresh air circulation
Function of the Purifier

The necklace filter protects you from formaldehyde, pollen, smoke, exhaust gas and other toxic substances. If you do not believe it, we can send you a free sample for confirmation.

Even though it keeps these substances away from you, you’d better stay in clean environment for your health. If you stay in polluted areas for a long time, it will increase the workload or purifier and shorten its work life.

 Air Cleaner with USB Negative Ion
Air Cleaner with USB Negative Ion
Suitable for People in Different Ages

The mini purification is suitable for people in different ages, including children, pregnant women, the elderly and so on.  Therefore, it is a especial protection to vulnerable people in polluted environment.

It still does not disturb them when they wake or sleep. Thus they can wear it when waking or sleeping.

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