My Oracle OCM certification experience

I got the OCP certificate and continued to look at new job opportunities. I was fortunate enough to enter a well-known Oracle service company in China. I quickly found that my previous DBA experience was nothing. Many colleagues have high technical level. OCM certification is also abound. At that time, I wanted to take a test of an OCM, but when I learned that before the test companies can reimburse most of the expenses, and now there is no such incentive policy, my heart is still somewhat small, because after all, OCM test related costs It is not expensive, nor is it particularly necessary. It will give up the idea. After all, certificates are generally only a stepping stone. Everyone is doing this. If they have been in contact for a long time, they will understand each other and do not need a certificate to prove anything. In particular, the rapid development of domestic training institutions has led to the saying that OCM is bad.

In a blink of an eye, two years later, I have accumulated a lot of experience and started to bring a team. The communication with customers is not limited to simple technical implementation. In many cases, we have to discuss with many parties and often listen to customer leaders to mention them. A DBA is OCM, and then you may ask me by the way: like you should all be OCM? At this time, it is somewhat embarrassing. After all, I am serving people. I have no qualifications for DBA in terms of certification. Although I am confident that I will have more practical experience than their DBA. And this kind of scene has encountered a lot, if the other party is a good peer, everyone knows the technology, casual chat can also rely on the way to show strength to gain trust.
However, sometimes the people facing the situation are cross-border, or the customer’s leadership does not understand the details at all. Simple and rude is like a bid. Only those who have Oracle Master certification are recognized. If you have this certification, you will Eliminate a lot of tongue-and-mouth disputes and easily achieve better results. When you apply for a job, there will be additional points in the HR. The other is that my leader also suggested that I go to test an OCM, plus I also heard that The most familiar 11g version of OCM will stop the exam at the end of this year. At this time, there is really no chance to go to the exam. So I quickly decided to take a test. To be honest, this time it is somewhat underestimated. I think I have enough experience. In response to this Oracle 1Z1 851 Dumps, it did not leave too much time for itself to prepare, and the work during this period was particularly busy, and the heart was still suffering a lot.

Fortunately, the two-day examination process was quite smooth, and the final test results were also smooth. PASS, at the moment I received the Oracle Hexi letter, I was a little excited, and I finally didn’t waste my money in my pocket. I can finally write OCM in the certificate qualification. Thanks to all the colleagues who helped me before the exam. You are the best. I am also the OCM.

But I usually think how can I satisfied  with the certification. I may get the cisco certification with CCIE rs 400 101 dumps. lol. may it will very soon.