My experience of CEH v10 Exam

I am really happy to pass CEH, although I heard that this photo is the same as waste paper in the eyes of senior bosses. I have also asked myself, do I really need this license? Wouldn’t it be better to strengthen the technical level? Sorry, the reality has slammed me.
I don’t think I am a natural researcher (even if I like it), there will always be someone better in the market, not to mention the fact that under the current economic pressure, I can’t support my self-study and CEH 512 50 Dumps. So why not make a difference? “After graduation, I only want to get a job without asking for a high salary” is my idea of ​​being determined to take the CEH.

I think although this license is called Ethical Hacker, its most valuable part is actually Ethical, not Hacker. The moment I finished the CEH and saw the Pass, the big rock in my heart finally dropped. After all, technology and tools will be updated. Believe me, if you are not a tool madman, the class teacher asks you to pay attention to the key tools. Most of you have not used it before class, and you haven’t even heard it. The biggest value that CEH brings to me is “idea”.
At the time of writing, I was thinking about how I would convey the concept of the word “idea” to the reader?
Of course, CEH also has a lot of water problems. Maybe I am writing about CEH’s “concepts” now. One day I will come from the face after I finish the CEH 712 50 Dumps.
How to prepare for the exam
I think the content of the class is quite boring. What I can learn as I said above is to learn “concepts”. Most of the content is Self Study. The teacher will draw important points in class, asking you to pay attention to what things and what things will be tested. But if you are bored in class and want to sleep so much, just throw away your CEH EC0 349 Dumps  after the five-day course.
Throw away the book only if you understand the content of the class, and the content is not unfamiliar, the class content will mention tools or equipment. If you just want CEH certification, you really do n’t need to buy a HackRF or Rubber Ducky to play, it will only waste your time. After everyone understands the content of the lesson, it is okay to brush archaeological questions directly. This is the most time-saving way.

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The way I solve archeological questions is to answer one question and see the correct answer. Do n’t brush 10 questions at a time and see the correct answers again. Because you may have completed 90% of the progress, you must do something first. Leaving CEH aside, archeological questions do not have git stash to allow you to temporarily store the state. XD. Before looking at the correct answer, you may be sure that you have answered a certain question correctly, but the answer is wrong, and you keep the wrong answer in mind; the correct answer to the archeological question may not be correct, you must think for yourself and find the correctness of the community yourself answer.
Write down all the questions that are wrong, think that the formal exam may be wrong, and a bit difficult. Anki can use this template for multiple-choice questions. Before the new day exercises, brush Anki again to record the day. Brush the subject again.
Test day
Take these three things on the day of the test:
EC-Council Exam Voucher Code (print the email sent to you by aspen)
National ID Card in English (Passport, credit card, English certificate is acceptable)
I have brushed around 800 archeological questions. At least 90% of the questions I have read on archeological questions. Only one question about SSID is something I have never read CEH EC0 350 Dumps.
Then go north, eccexam’s title may be garbled. For example, the results scanned by nmap will ask you to answer any instructions. The narrative of the title is messy, and it is hard enough. Archaeological questions have some typesetting messed up, but the overall typesetting quality hits the official …
Right, so just relax before the exam. If you have done enough archaeological questions, you will feel that the formal exam is simpler than archeological questions. The pressure is all on your own.
The test system can mark questions, but I am almost useless. Only when I look at the questions, I will mark the places where the description of the questions may be trapped, and pay attention to incorrect or false questions! To see clearly!
When you take the test, you must complete the test for 1 hour before you leave the paper early, otherwise you will be EC-Council Audit, and the invigilator will remind you of this before the CEH ECSAv10 Dumps.
I took a total of 50 minutes to answer the 125 questions. Be careful about XD for the formal exam. If you run at full speed, it should take 35 minutes to complete. It took me 15 minutes to re-examine my answers, and after confirming, I ended the test with a total of 65 minutes.