My Best CCIE RS Certification Experience

I started preparing for the CCIE exam in January 2018. The first year is to learn, review, and consolidate some CCIE theoretical and experimental courses. I started practicing lab in August, and lasted for 17 months. I finally passed the CCIE exam in Beijing in April 2019, number CCIE#61833. Although this number is very late, it is also a year for myself. A recognition on the digital channel is still very happy.

First of all, let’s talk about the exam. The exam and the actual work are completely different. The technical content of the exam is very old and very narrow, but it is very deep. It takes a lot of effort to master all of it. The lab stage is practiced day and night. It is certain that nothing can be done during this time. The practice, during the weekend of the week are all the time to practice, other activities are really suspended. As far as the current version of CCIE5.0 is concerned, the amount is really too big. It is really not easy for people who can persist. I basically do 4 hours of lab exercises in the latter day, and 8 hours per day on weekends. Exercise. The lab of the current 5.0 exercise is roughly as follows:

Lab a total of 5 sets lab1, lab1+, lab2, lab2+, lab3 (increasing geometric difficulty)

TS has 7 sets of TS1 (3 in 1), TS1+, TS2, TS2+, TS2++

DIAG 9 sets D1, D1+, D2, D2+, D2++, D3, D3+, D3++, D3+++

The lab part is the most difficult, and the time consumed is also the longest. At the beginning of the period, a set of lab takes about 2 weeks to complete the knockout, and the correct rate of the previous knock is also low, and the level of the test is 4 hours. After knocking out and the correct rate is above 90%, TS can be easier (just relative) to Lab, but it also requires a lot of practice to get familiar with it. DIAG needs pure memory. It takes a week before this test. More than enough.

The examination is divided into three parts: the above LAB, TS, DIAG, each part of the score must be more than 80% to pass this part, and the total score of the three parts must be added to reach more than 80% of the total score. Exams, that is to say, if the three divisions pass, but the total scores do not reach the pass line, they can’t pass the exam. Therefore, it is necessary to take a high score to be insured as much as possible. After all, the examination fee is very expensive and the energy is a lot of effort. If you can’t pass your confidence in one time, it will be very big. Let’s go to the exam. I went to the Beijing test room. I took the test on the 8th floor of Yintai Building C. It started at 8:00 in the morning and ended at 4:30 in the afternoon (TS has 2.5 hours, DIAG half an hour, and the rest of the time LAB). 15 minutes of meal time (examiner will bring meals, lunch is tasted in general). There are no restrictions on the number of entrances and exits in the middle of the exam. 

The questions I got on the day were TS2+, DIAG2, LAB3, and the TS and DIAG parts ended very smoothly. Part of the demand for multicast is stuck, because the problem of BGP routing can not be caused. After trying various solutions, it still can’t be solved. It simply restarts several devices, which leads to the demand point that was completed before. There was an error in the test phenomenon (because the BGP route converges slowly after the device restarts and resumes after the convergence is completed). It is considered to be the examiner TR. Later, if there is no problem, it will be automatically restored after waiting for a while. Khan), but the problem of multicast still can’t be solved. I can only give up this point and bite the bullet.

 Later, when I came home and performed the same configuration discovery in the practice environment, it was achievable, so it was suspected that the virtual machine in the examination room caused some unknown problems. There is also a small episode in the middle that is the examiner TR (generally TR is around 2:30 pm), so I found it in time and checked it out. Out of the examination room, I rushed to catch the high-speed rail, because the multicast problem was not fixed, plus the lack of time is not enough to check again if there are other points being examined by the examiner TR, my heart is a bit uneasy all the way, good to 9: At the time of 30, the result showed PASS, which put a hanging heart down.

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