My AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam Experience

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Series certification is the official certification of Amazon’s capabilities for cloud computing architects since 2013. The exam not only examines the candidate’s familiarity with AWS-related cloud services, but also the problems that come from the actual problems to be solved. The candidates are required to have comprehensive architectural design experience and accumulation, so the gold content is very high.
It is best to have a basic understanding of the cloud computing architecture, and have the best experience in software design architecture, such as often drawing topology maps, familiar with various types of databases, familiar with file storage types, and so on. This directly determines whether the process of reading the information is more effective or less effective.
It is worth noting that the AWS certification exam is connected to the server in the United States. It is best to call to confirm the network status of the AWS certification exam before the exam. On the day of the exam, the network was broken four times, but after each recovery. The progress of the questions is saved online, and the test time will not be affected. So that the questions are very fast, and submitted without inspection.

If you do, after confirming the submit, the result will be sent immediately, and there will be a corresponding email sent to your registered email address. If you are fast, you should be able to find the relevant AWS certificate you passed at the certification registration site after one day.
I chose AWS aws certified security specialty dumps. There are a lot of questions. There are more than 500 questions. During the exam, I found that 5 questions came from here. Although the ratio is only about 10%, it is necessary to go through it again. The key is to be familiar with the problem type.
It should be noted that the answers to many questions are wrong. Fortunately, this is the nature of the forum. You can see the discussion below. If the title of some topics is particularly long, it will be a circle. It should be that someone has moved the professional-related simulation questions and can be ignored. The problem is not the purpose. The key is to familiarize with the problem type and understand the relevant knowledge points. If you do something wrong, then you should consolidate the relevant knowledge points.
If these AWS Certified Solutions Architect dumps questions can achieve 90% accuracy before the test, it means that you have mastered the knowledge of the test preparation. If you are not at ease, you can spend 20 dollars on the AWS certification website before the test, about 20 questions, 65% pass. I strongly recommend trying it before the exam. I was doing the pre-test in the week before the exam. The score was 70%, which strengthened my determination to formally spend $150. In fact, my final score is 75%, which is basically the same as the pre-test score. This shows that the difficulty factor between the pre-test and the real exam is very close.