Musk complains about Apple’s software loopholes, people who can’t get along at Tesla will go to work at Apple

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently took a swipe at Apple over his disappointment with the recently released iPhone software update.

Elon Musk says technology won’t “get better by itself.” Using Apple’s iPhone as an example, he explained why companies should hire fresh blood to solve software-related problems.

“People are always used to phones getting better year after year,” he said. “Like I’m an iPhone user, but I don’t think the latest system software updates have improved. New updates keep bugging my mail system, you know. Email is a very basic function.”

Although Musk did not specify which version of the system, when iOS 13 was released, users reported various system vulnerabilities, including email vulnerabilities. When software is released, it is normal for software bugs to appear. Often, a large number of people are required to use the same software at the same time to find a vulnerability in the first place.

He’s not talking about Apple’s vulnerabilities, he’s saying that software ages over time, which requires smart innovators to actively maintain and improve it.

However, Musk finally joked: “If you can’t get along in Tesla, you have to go to work at Apple. Apple hired the employees we fired, and we often joked that Apple is Tesla’s grave.”

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