Mouser Launches Third Issue of 2022 Empowering Innovation Together Series Explores Importance of Creating Safe Designs

June 17, 2022 – Mouser Electronics, an industry-renowned New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor offering ultra-rich semiconductor and Electronic components™, announces a new addition to its acclaimed Empowering Innovation Together™ program period content. In this “Designing for Greater Security,” Mouser discusses the importance of incorporating security at every stage of the design process, starting with architectural and component selection. As the third installment of the 2022 EIT program, this installment features a wide variety of content, including new past, present and future videos, blogs, articles, infographics and a new episode of the Tech Between You and Me podcast.

Mouser Launches Third Issue of 2022 Empowering Innovation Together Series Explores Importance of Creating Safe Designs

This new theme for the 2022 Empowering Innovation Together program addresses the growing importance of incorporating security into design by looking at the needs of today, and introduces available hardware capabilities and newly introduced software tools and techniques, as well as independent security product.

“Connected devices continue to be a high-risk target for security threats,” said Jiping Tian, ​​Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Asia Pacific, Mouser Electronics. “Whether for connected vehicles, smart homes or wearables, more and more engineers are designing Security needs are taken into account throughout the process. In this edition of the EIT program, we introduce some new security practices to help engineers protect their designs.”

On a new episode of the Tech Between You and Me podcast, Alan Grau, vice president of sales and business development at PQShield, joins Raymond Yin, director of technical content at Mouser, to discuss trends in security, such as the identity of embedded systems Wireless links that authenticate, secure data transmission, and products and tools that engineers can use to design secure environments.

Grau said: “As the technology behind connected devices becomes more advanced, more effort is required to design robust systems that can protect these devices. I am excited to discuss next-generation security practices, including post-quantum cryptography, with Raymond Yin. , and hope our conversations can inspire some designers to design with safety in mind from the very beginning.”

This issue will also feature two articles highlighting the key to IoT trust zones and embedded security, as well as an infographic showing the critical role of security in connected vehicles.

The “Designing for Greater Security” issue is co-sponsored by Mouser’s key manufacturer partners, Analog Devices (ADI), Infineon Technologies, Microchip Technology, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics and Xilinx.

Since its launch in 2015, Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together program has become one of the most well-known and market-recognized promotional programs in the electronic components industry. The 2022 EIT series will next explore topics such as driver monitoring systems, private 5G networks and autonomous mobile robots. This program will focus on the development of a variety of new products, as well as the technologies needed to keep pace with market innovation. For more information, please visit and follow Mouser’s WeChat official account: Mouserelectronics and Weibo accounts and Mouser Electronics official account on Bilibili.

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