Mouser Electronics Introduces Laird Connectivity Sentrius BT510 Sensor

March 17, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products and offering extensive inventory, is now stocking Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius™ BT510 sensor. This is a compact battery-operated multi-sensor platform that provides reliable Bluetooth 5 long-range connectivity, ideal as a solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The Sentrius BT510 sensor, distributed by Mouser Electronics, is a multi-sensor platform capable of simultaneously supporting temperature, opening and closing, motion and crash sensing, as well as long-range connectivity (coded PHY), security features and Bluetooth low energy beacons. Bluetooth 5 function. The module integrates the field-proven long-range Laird Connectivity BL654 series module with the Nordic nRF52840 system-on-chip (SoC), which provides advanced processing power and enables feature-rich application development with 1MB of flash memory.

The very low power consumption of the Sentrius BT510 sensor, powered by a replaceable CR2477 coin cell battery, allows for years of excellent performance with simple, intuitive maintenance. This versatile sensor can be future-proofed with automatic OTA updates via a supported mobile app and in a few months’ time via cloud deployment with the help of Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius IG60 IoT gateway integration support this function.

The Sentrius BT510 sensor can be deployed in minutes and is certified by several international agencies including the FCC, IC, CE, MIC, RCM and Bluetooth SIG. Housed in an IP67 rated rugged enclosure, the device features an easy-to-use twist-lock design for use in harsh environments for applications such as environmental monitoring, industrial heating and cooling, food safety monitoring, and cold chain management.

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As an authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics has always been committed to the rapid introduction of new products and technologies to help customers design advanced products and bring customers’ products to market faster. More than 800 semiconductor and Electronic component manufacturers bring their products to global markets through Mouser. Mouser only provides customers with fully certified OEM products with full manufacturer traceability.

Mouser Electronics has a rich product line and considerate customer service, and actively introduces new technologies and new products to meet the various needs of design engineers and purchasers. We stock a vast inventory of new electronic components to support our customers’ next-generation design projects. The Mouser website not only has a variety of advanced search tools to help users quickly understand product availability, but the website is continuously updated to continuously optimize the user experience. In addition, the Mouser website provides a wealth of resources such as data sheets, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

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About Laird Connectivity

Laird Connectivity simplifies the implementation of wireless technology with advanced wireless modules and antennas, integrated sensor and gateway platforms, and custom wireless solutions. Laird Connectivity’s best-in-class support and comprehensive engineering services help reduce risk and reduce time-to-market. If you need superior wireless performance to securely and reliably connect electronic devices, Laird Connectivity has the solution.


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