Moore Elite Announces ATE Test Expert Mr. Wang Xingren as Vice President of Chip Test Services


November 30, 2020—Moore Elite announced that Mr. Wang Xingren (Ivan WANG) has joined as Vice President of Test Business Development and Operations. He is responsible for leading chip test business development and test engineering center operation management, including market policy formulation, strategic customer/project development, product roadmap planning, sales business empowerment and test ecosystem construction. Ivan will bring his nearly 30 years of chip ATE test technology management experience and advanced operation management methodology to bring new growth momentum to Moore’s elite test service business.


Ivan WANG is from Hsinchu, Taiwan, and graduated from the Institute of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University. He has been engaged in integrated circuit wafer manufacturing and testing work and research for nearly 30 years, and has experienced memory IDM factory Macronix (MXIC) and professional integrated circuit testing company Ardentec. From the first-line production engineering, production management, foundry operation of the integrated circuit fab to the director of the test factory, he has been engaged in production and manufacturing for more than 15 years; then expanded to business development and marketing, and formulated the company’s operating policy and development strategy; He has also served as a spokesperson for a testing company, and is responsible for external communication services for shareholders, legal persons and media; he has participated in many projects such as setting up testing companies and factories across borders, and has complete industrial experience and qualifications.

It is a pleasure to join the dynamic and young team of Moore Elite. I very much agree with the mission and vision of the company and have seen rapid growth in its business in recent years. Moore Elite is committed to providing customers with more efficient and high-quality chip design and supply chain services, and enabling chip product innovation. I think this has both technical ideals and commercial value. I believe that the company’s good foundation in the market and business in the early stage, combined with my years of experience in the field of manufacturing and testing, will definitely inject new potential into the testing business and contribute to the development of the chip industry. I couldn’t be more excited about this new role and look forward to working with the team as soon as possible.  

——Mr. Wang Xingren said when accepting the appointment

We are very honored to invite Mr. Wang Xingren as the Vice President of Business Development and Operations of Moore Elite Testing as the company enters a new stage of development. Ivan has 30 years of senior experience in semiconductor manufacturing technology and ATE testing field, and has profound insights in new business development and market strategy formulation of testing business. His joining will definitely promote the development of Moore’s elite testing and supply chain business. Take it to a new level and help the team bring better chip testing solutions to chip customers.

——Founder, Chairman and CEO of Moore Elite

Zhang Jingyang


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