Power Device Junction Temperature Ti+-20 ~ +150°C
Storage Temperature Tsjg=-40 ~+125°C
Case Operating Temperature Tc=-20~+90°C
Module Weight(Typical)=114Grams
Isolation Voltage AC 1 minute,60HZ Vrms=2500 Volts
Collector-Emitter Voltage Vces=600 Volts
Collector Current Ic=±20 Amperes
Peak Collector Current Icp=±40 Amperes
Free Wheel Diode DC Current Ifm=20 Amperes
Supply Voltage(Applied between P-N) Vcc=400 Volts
Collector Dissipation Pc=50 Watts
Powerrex Inteltimod-2 Modules are designed for applications requiring a high frequency output switching inverter.The modules are isolated from the baseplateconsisting of complete drivecontrol and protection circuitry for the IGBT inverter.