Rechargeable Personal Air purifier Necklace

Personal Air Purifier Necklace Wearable
  • Battery capacity: 230 Ma
  • Product size: 6*5.5*1.6cm
  • Product weight: 28g
  • Charging time: 1hour
  • Duration: 48hour
  • Negative ion: 1million
  • Purification time: 30 Seconds
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The Work of Purifier

Mini portable air purifier is like an oxygen bar in the forest.

It releases 10 million negative ion to absorb harmful substances and make them decline.

In this way, it generates a clean environment and purifies the air in 15 seconds as well.

Features: 99% PM 2.5 detection, 48H duration and 10million negative ion.

ionic best air purifier necklace air cleaner
ionic best air purifier necklace air cleaner
Good for Sleep

It even works at night. When we sleep, it still helps us keep dust and other harmful substances away.

We can also breathe fresh air during the sleep.

What’s more, it is muted during work. Therefore, it won’t disturb our sleep.

Air Cleaner Wearable Air Purifier Necklace
Air Cleaner Wearable Air Purifier Necklace
Good for Pets and Hosts

When there are pets in houses, it’s easy for more bacteria to find its way to houses.

Mini portable air purifier just protects us from bacteria around us. When we play with pets, we don’t need worry about pathogens if we wear the purifier. It also relieve pathogens to pets when they stay with us together.

But it is unable to cover the whole house. It’s just available to ourselves.

Portable Negative Ions Air Purifier
Portable Negative Ions Air Purifier
Good for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are vulnerable and sensitive to environmental pollutants.

The purifier is able to remove formaldehyde, smoke, dust and pathogens, etc. It is conducive to managge clean surroundings for the pregnant.

As the pregnant need quiet environment, the purifier keeps muted.

There is a stainless steel necklace for the air purifier. So the pregnant can wear them to anywhere and anytime.

air cleaner negative ion generator
air cleaner negative ion generator
One Purifier, One Person

It’s better for one person to wear one purifier as it works just around a person.

If families stays together, they can share one purifier. If they stay in separate rooms, it’s better for them to wear one separately.

Air Purifiers Removing Allergies
Air Purifiers Removing Allergies
The Structure of Purifier

It enjoys fashionable and exquisite appearance, suitable for adults.

There are double anion emitters and a carbon fiber brush in it.

It’s mini light and wearable, as well as a combination of health care and fashion.

In addition, we can customized it with our own logo.

Link: Personal for Home Mini Wearable Air Purifier Necklace