Mini Portable Air Humidifier

  • Product size: 112*112*141MM
  • Voltage: 5V Power: 4W
  • Working current: 400MA
  • Capacity: 600ML
  • Spray volume: 30-40ML/H
  • Battery capacity: 4000MAH
  • Product material: ABS/PP/silicone
  • Email:
Mini Cute USB Humidifier
Mini Cute USB Humidifier
Smart Sensor

The sensor is able to monitor water level and orevent dry-burning. It makes the remaining power clearly visible.

Therefore, it will automatically cut off the power immediately when there is no water.

Smaller portable humidifiers
Smaller portable humidifiers
3-Gear Night Light

3-Gear night light generates soft and tender atmosphere.

The comfortable light is like the hazy and delicate early morning in the fine mist.

Humidifier Portable Wireless Cool Mist
Humidifier Wireless Cool Mist
3 Selective Colors 

With the fresh mist, let’s feel the purified home space together.

There are pink one, green one and white one for your reference.

 Personal Cool Mist Humidifier
Personal Cool Mist Humidifier

Ⅰ. Turn counterclockwise and unscrew the top cover.

Ⅱ. Then add water to the 600ML bottle.

Ⅲ. Still, rotate clockwise and tighten the upper cover. Connect to the power supply

Ⅳ. Finally, click the button and the mist arises.

 Humidifier with Night Light
Humidifier with Night Light
How to Insert Cotton Swab

Insert the spring as well as the cotton swab. Then connect the upper cover.

Portable Travel Humidifier
Portable Travel Humidifier
Wireless Humidification

Free moisture anytime and anywhere because there is a built-in 2000MAH large battery in it.

Mini Humidifier Cute
Mini Humidifier Cute
Noiseless Humidification

There is a professional design of noise reduction for it. Its sound is ≤ 30db.

So mini portable air humidifier does not make any noise, suitable for long-term use.

It won’t disturb your study, work as well as sleep.

As it is light and portable, it is suitable to humidify air in offices, houses and cars, etc.

 Mist Humidifier
Mist Humidifier
Moisture All Day

Mini portable air humidifier accompanies you from your wake-up in the morning till your sleep in the evening.

It keeps your family moist all day.  Hence, your skin won’t be dry under moist environment.

Link: Mini Cute USB Humidifier Personal Cool Mist Humidifier