Microsoft CEO: In the future, robots need three positive views to coexist with people

“The technology industry should not distort the values ​​of the future, we should teach AI to establish correct values.” Yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on Slate: The computer industry must start thinking about how to make intelligent software respect human beings, and called for , it is the responsibility of the algorithm to have a correct three views, so that humans will not be harmed.

Nadella said intelligent software must be designed in such a way that we must review how algorithms work so that they do not discriminate against certain groups of people or use private data in dark ways.

In fact, Nadella’s advice is sensible and pertinent. For a long time, AI (artificial intelligence) has always been accused of black belly, gender or racial discrimination. Nadella said that they are now trying to correct the three views of AI, so that people will not be troubled by such problems of AI.

Regarding the future development direction of AI, Nadella said this: The next step in the development of AI is to respect racial and gender equality. Just as no child is born a sexist or racist, those are taught. The same is true of AI, and humans are the best teachers.

Microsoft CEO: In the future, robots need three positive views to coexist with people

At the same time, Nadella believes that artificial intelligence and humans can live in harmony in the future, and he hopes to create artificial intelligence that enhances human capabilities and experiences. Ultimately, humans and machines should not be in an adversarial relationship. Human creativity, empathy and insight can be organically combined with the computing power of artificial intelligence to promote social progress.

To achieve this goal, Nadella recently imitated the science fiction writer Asimov’srobotThree Laws, the author proposes 6 principles of AI (artificial intelligence) security.

Here are Nadella’s six principles:

AI must be designed to assist humans. Nadella said AI robots should perform “dangerous tasks like mining” to create a safer work environment for humans.

Artificial intelligence must be an aid to humanity. Nadella believes that as artificial intelligence becomes more autonomous, people’s lives should be freer. Machines should replace humans to do some dangerous jobs like mining to make our lives safer.

AI technology must be transparent and open. When machines can learn the behavior of users almost unlimitedly, it is even more important for humans to understand how artificial intelligence technology works. On the contrary, information asymmetry will bring great danger.

While artificial intelligence promotes productivity, it cannot harm human dignity. Nadella emphasized here that the technology industry cannot deliberately guide the development trend of future values ​​and ethics. When big companies in Silicon Valley are preaching the creed of “technology changes the world”, the design of artificial intelligence should listen to the voices of different groups of people.

AI must protect user privacy. The setting of artificial intelligence should respect the privacy protection wishes of individuals and groups. For example, both Facebook and Google make money by mining personal data, and their complex privacy settings expose most of their users’ privacy to artificial intelligence. This model is something Nadella opposes.

AI must have algorithms that can be changed. In this way, risks can be avoided by modifying the settings of artificial intelligence, and unanticipated harm can be minimized.

AI should fight discrimination. Nadella’s opposition to artificial intelligence’s discrimination against marginalized people somewhat coincides with the values ​​of Silicon Valley liberals.

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