Lu Weibing: Redmi Note 8 series sold 30 million units worldwide in 8 months

Lu Weibing: Redmi Note 8 series sold 30 million units worldwide in 8 months

Today is the first working day after the holiday. Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, brought exciting good news: the global sales of the Redmi Note 8 series exceeded 30 million units, which can be called a “generation of magic machine”.

As we all know, the Redmi Note 8 series was released at the end of August last year, and the global sales exceeded 30 million units in more than 8 months, with an average monthly sales volume of about 3.75 million units. The market performance is very eye-catching, and it is better than the previous Redmi Note 7 series. More than that, the latter’s global sales exceeded 20 million units in more than 7 months after its listing.

Lu Weibing is very satisfied with the success of the Redmi Note 8 series. He listed several key data to elaborate on how it is very popular:

1. Sales exceeded 1 million units in the first month;

2. The sales volume exceeded 5 million units in 2 months;

3. The sales volume exceeded 10 million units in 3 months, which was achieved two months earlier than the Redmi Note7 series;

4. The sales volume in 5 months exceeded 20 million units;

5. The Canalys report shows that in the Q4 global mobile phone sales rankings in 2019, the Redmi Note8 series is the only two Chinese manufacturers to make the list.

Lu Weibing: Redmi Note 8 series sold 30 million units worldwide in 8 months

In Lu Weibing’s view, the reason why the Redmi Note series has been recognized by millions of users around the world is inseparable from three reasons:

1. Focus on young people and build trendy flagships

The Redmi Note series is a trendy flagship created to meet the diverse interests of young people around the world, with customized product segmentation based on the different needs of young people.

2. Adhere to technological inclusion and pursue information transparency

Redmi adheres to the concept of inclusive technology, so that more people can experience the fun brought by trendy technology as soon as possible, pursue information transparency, and say NO to all unreasonable high premiums.

3. Adhere to quality first, do not let users have regrets

Look at the quality with a microscope, strictly control the details of the product, and do not leave a retreat for yourself.

Lu Weibing said that in the future, Redmi will continue to make good products with “moving people’s hearts and kind prices”, so that more people around the world can enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology. After hearing that the sales of the Redmi Note 8 series reached a new high, Lei Jun, the head of Xiaomi, sent congratulations at the first time.

It is worth noting that last month, Redmi’s all-round benchmark of Honor once posted the record of the Honor 9X series, and its biggest rival is the Redmi Note 8 series. The data shows that the domestic market shipment of the Honor 9X series has exceeded 10 million units for 9 months (2019.7-2020.4).

Note that the record of the Honor 9X series refers specifically to the domestic market, and the statistical caliber uses “shipments” rather than sales. The Redmi Note 8 series record is aimed at the global market, and emphasizes “sales”, that is, it is assembled by selling directly to users. Who is stronger or weaker? Your taste, your fine taste!

Congratulations to the Redmi Note 8 series for gaining 30 million trusts around the world, and I hope the Lu Weibing team will make persistent efforts and reach new heights!

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