Lineup Expansion That One of the Industry’s Smallest[1] Voltage Driven Photorelays with 4-Form-A Contacts, Helping Reduce the Size of Semiconductor Testers

Product News 2022-03

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched the photorelay “TLP3406SRH4,” with an OFF-state output terminal voltage of 30 V, to expand the lineup of four-circuit photorelays with 4-Form-A contacts housed in the S-VSON16T package that features one of the industry’s smallest[1] mounting area of 12.5 mm2. The lineup, including the three previously released products[2], offers OFF-state output terminal voltages of 30 V and 60 V.

The new product TLP3406SRH4 is voltage driven with built-in input resistors, requiring no external resistors. These features help to reduce space requirements on circuit boards, allowing more photorelays to be mounted.
The new photorelays are suitable for applications such as semiconductor testers and probe cards, which require mounting of numerous relays on circuit boards that are limited in size.

  • Probe cards
  • Semiconductor testers (Test heads for Memory, SoC and LSI, etc.)
  • Burn-in equipment
  • S-VSON16T package with one of the industry’s smallest[1] mounting areas for 4-Form-A contacts
  • ION=0.9 A (ON-state current greatest with S-VSON16T package)
  • A voltage driven type incorporating input resistors, requiring no external resistors (Input voltage: 3.3 V systems or 5 V systems)

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