Lineup Expansion of Zener Diodes for Power Line Protection Contributing to Improvement of Equipment Reliability

Product News 2022-2

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched 10 Zener diode products in its "CUHZ series" to expand the lineup. The products protect semiconductor devices from switching surges, inductive lightning surges[1], and electrostatic discharge (ESD)[2].

In power lines of equipment, switching surges up to the order of thousands volts with long pulse widths up to milliseconds may be generated when the circuit switches. The new products protect semiconductor devices from switching surges and overvoltage with frequency close to DC. They can also protect semiconductor devices from ESD[2] with several hundred nanoseconds width and inductive lightning surges[1] with pulse width in the order of microseconds as well. And they absorb surges better by lower dynamic resistance and lower clamp voltage compared to the existing products. Comparing with the existing product CUZ5V6, the new product CUHZ5V6 has reduced its dynamic resistance by about 88 % and clamp voltage by about 37 %. This can reduce the surge voltage applied to a semiconductor device, helping improve the reliability of equipment.
The package used is SOD-323HE (US2H) that has a high allowable power dissipation rating[3], allowing the products to be used for applications requiring high allowable power dissipation.
The 10 products in the lineup cover a range of Zener voltage (typ.) from 5.6 V to 36 V, supporting major power lines. The expanded lineup supports various voltage lines and mounting areas.

  • Allows protection from surges with wide pulse width range in the order of microseconds to milliseconds.
  • Absorbs surges better by low dynamic resistance and low clamp voltage.
  • Zener voltage lineups of wide range : VZ (typ.)=5.6 V to 36 V
  • Consumer equipment (home appliances, OA equipment, power supplies, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment (power supplies, etc.)

The application circuits shown in this document are provided for reference purposes only. Thorough evaluation is required, especially at the mass-production design stage.
Providing these application circuit examples does not grant any license for industrial property rights.

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