Lineup expansion of small, low On-resistance common-drain MOSFET products helping battery-driven devices operate for longer periods of time : SSM10N954L

Product News 2021-04

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “SSM10N954L,” a common-drain 12 V N-channel MOSFET for battery protection circuits used for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs of mobile devices and other equipment to expand the lineup.

Li-ion battery packs use highly robust protection circuits to enhance safety. And it is also demanded to reduce heat generation during charging/discharging Li-ion battery. Such protection circuits require low power loss and high-density mounting, therefore, small and thin MOSFETs with low On-resistance are needed.

Similar to the previously released SSM6N951L, the new product uses its micro process and has further reduced its On-resistance. This allows the product to offer low power loss because of its industry-leading[1] low On-resistance characteristics. And by also featuring low standby power consumption because of its low leakage current from the gate (low gate-source leakage current), it helps batteries to operate for longer time. In addition, it uses the new package TCSPAC-153001 (1.49 mm x 2.98 mm, t : 0.11 mm (typ.)).

  • Industry-leading[1] low On-resistance : RSS(ON)=2.2 mΩ (typ.) @VGS=3.8 V
  • Industry-leading[1] low gate-source leakage current : IGSS=±1 µA (max) @VGS=±8 V
  • Small size surface mounting TCSPAC-153001 package : 1.49 mm × 2.98 mm, t : 0.11 mm (typ.)
  • Common-drain structure that can be easily used in battery protection circuits

Devices with a Li-ion battery pack

  • Office and personal devices (Smartphones, tablets, power banks and wearable devices, etc.)
  • Consumer electronics devices (Game consoles, electric toothbrushes, compact digital cameras and digital single-lens reflex cameras, etc.)

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