Ligong Technology sprints the Growth Enterprise Market and is committed to popularizing new technologies

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has officially accepted the application for listing on the Growth Enterprise Market of Guangzhou Ligong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ligong Technology”). According to the public information of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Ligong Technology was established in 1999. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the development and research of embedded system technology and industrial intelligent IoT technology. Based on this, it provides customers with various independent products and chip related products. technical services and solutions.

Ligong Technology sprints the Growth Enterprise Market and is committed to popularizing new technologies

As we all know, in terms of embedded system technology and industrial intelligent IoT technology, Ligong Technology can be said to be well-known in the industry. This is not only because of the current technology leadership of Ligong Technology in this field, but also because of the achievements of Ligong Technology in history. groundbreaking contribution. Here, we have to talk about the great efforts and positive contributions made by Ligong Technology in the introduction and deepening of the two core key technologies of ARM and CAN bus and the cultivation of related markets in China.

Pioneer of ARM Popularization

ARM is a microprocessor architecture technology that is widely used today. It is the underlying technology of embedded systems. It has a wide range of applications. In the application field of Chinese embedded systems more than ten years ago, people still know little about ARM technology. At that time, the mainstream 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers in China could no longer meet the needs of the market. The market was looking for alternative technologies with more functions and higher performance. The ARM32-bit technology has low power consumption, low cost and high performance. The high-performance features make many embedded system practitioners eager to try, but they suffer from the lack of relevant technical data and development tools in China. As a senior expert in the field of embedded systems, Chairman Zhou Ligong was keenly aware of the broad development prospects of this technology in China, and led the core technology team of Ligong Technology on the road of ARM technology promotion.

First, Ligong Technology organized staff to translate a large number of foreign professional and technical materials, and constantly summed up experience through their own application practice, and published a number of ARM application design series; secondly, in order to expand their influence, in August 2003, Ligong Technology invited 3 well-known embedded system experts in the industry (including the founder of China’s single-chip microcomputer industry, Professor He Limin of Beihang University, the first leader to introduce embedded operating system into teaching and application, Professor Shao Beibei of Tsinghua University and ARM China President Dr. Tang Jun) formed a lecturer group to hold free ARM tour speeches in more than 10 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc., attracting more than 8,000 embedded industry practitioners, enthusiasts and college students to participate. This event is unprecedented. Subsequently, the company launched the supporting ARM development learning kit, which gave the majority of embedded personnel a direct way to embrace new technologies, setting off a wave of learning ARM technology.

Today, applications based on the ARM architecture are blooming everywhere, occupying half of the domestic market. It can be said that the strong support and promotion of ARM technology by Ligong Technology has accelerated the popularization and application of ARM technology in the field of embedded systems in China, and contributed to the rapid development of embedded technology in China. , high-quality development, and made a very positive contribution to catching up with the international advanced level.

The pioneer of CAN bus promotion

On the road of learning and promoting new technologies, Ligong Technology has never stopped moving forward. The CAN bus is a bus-type communication method researched and released by the German Bosch company in the 1980s. As an important part of the Internet of Things technology, it was mainly used in the automotive field at the beginning. With the characteristics of reliability, real-time, economy and flexibility, CAN bus has also been widely used in other industries, especially in the field of industrial control.

Although the CAN bus technology is developing in full swing abroad, in China at the beginning of this century, the CAN bus is still in its infancy. Based on the opportunity of acting as an agent for NXP chips and cooperating with automotive electronics customers, Ligong Technology took the lead in understanding CAN bus technology, and had a premonition that it would be a revolutionary technology that would change the domestic automotive industry. In order to learn and explore this technology, from 2004 to 2005, the core technical team of Ligong Technology went to Germany to investigate and investigate at their own expense, systematically learn and understand CAN bus technology, and determined to carry out all-round promotion in China.

Drawing on the successful experience of ARM promotion, Ligong Technology’s CAN bus promotion is accurate and stable. In addition to translating materials, writing teaching books, launching development boards, learning boards and other series of combination punches, Ligong Technology also opened a CAN bus forum on 21IC to answer technical questions from netizens for free. Because the channels for obtaining information in China were relatively narrow at that time, and the forum was the main position for young people to conduct technical exchanges, this move undoubtedly increased the coverage of CAN bus technology, and countless technicians benefited from it. Rapid development has laid a solid foundation.

It is precisely due to the continuous development of CAN bus technology that Ligong Technology has also been invited to give lectures to Geely Automobile and BYD Automobile, and has also conducted in-depth communication with Changan Automobile and CRRC, etc., and its popularity in the industry has continued to increase.

Through the unremitting technology promotion and market cultivation of Ligong Technology, CAN bus technology has developed by leaps and bounds in China. At present, all domestic automobile manufacturers generally apply CAN bus technology, so that the level of China’s automotive electronics technology can be compared with the world’s advanced level, and at the same time, the product market related to CAN bus technology has been fully developed, benefiting the development of the entire automobile and related industries. .

Today, Ligong Technology still adheres to the business philosophy of “professionalism, focus on achieving dreams”, adheres to the corporate style of doing practical things in a down-to-earth manner, adheres to technology-oriented, constantly discovers new technologies, and researches new technologies. So far, it has written and published More than 50 professional books, share and exchange advanced technical knowledge with the industry, and make positive contributions to the popularization and application of new technologies. This is the mission of Ligong Technology to itself.

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