Lecco Defense debuted at the 2021 Unmanned Future Development Conference, and a variety of radars became the focus of attention

On July 29th, the “2021 Unmanned Driving Future Development Conference” was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Wu Hequan, Honorary Chairman of ISC and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Executive Chairman of the conference, Professor Yang Diange of Tsinghua University, Professor Long Teng of Beijing Institute of Technology, etc. Attend events and deliver keynote speeches.

Lecco Defense (stock code: 002413) and its subsidiary Lixing Technology were invited to attend this event. The event was held in Yizhuang, demonstrating the exemplary significance of Yizhuang as a “National Advanced Demonstration Area for Vehicle-Road Collaborative Autonomous Driving”. Through booth Display and sub-forum keynote speeches, Lecco Defense launched a number of star exhibits around the conference theme of “unmanned driving to perceive the future” to demonstrate its strength in the field of smart city and smart transportation construction.

The “2021 Unmanned Future Development Conference” focuses on a number of well-known domestic experts and enterprises from industry, academia and research, bringing together the latest technologies and application achievements in the field of unmanned driving. In this conference, the “Dual-Intelligent Intersection Solution” displayed by Lecco Defense is based on the cooperation and linkage of self-developed millimeter-wave radar, edge computing nodes, and intelligent multi-source perception and fusion integrated machines, which can optimize the signal lights at intersections. Efficiently improve traffic efficiency at intersections; another “smart high-speed solution” can realize the digitalization of infrastructure and dynamic data including the environment of people, vehicles and roads by building a full-element full-cycle holographic digital perception system; Three defense automotive radars: 77GHz automotive front radar, 77GHz automotive corner radar and 77GHz vital sign detection radar. With their excellent product features in the fields of assisted driving and life detection, they have also attracted widespread attention in the industry. Among the products exhibited at the scene, there are also high-precision millimeter-wave traffic radar series products independently developed by Lixing Technology, a subsidiary of Lecco Defense, including TSMR1000 ultra-range traffic radar, TSMR500 long-range traffic radar and TSMR300 medium-range traffic radar. The detection range of traditional traffic radar is limited, and the detection distance is 1000 meters, 500 meters and 300 meters respectively.

Lecco Defense debuted at the 2021 Unmanned Future Development Conference, and a variety of radars became the focus of attention

“Intelligent multi-source perception and fusion integrated machine” RACO-RVC220

It is worth mentioning that the “intelligent multi-source perception and fusion integrated machine” of Lecco Defense, which is a road smart eye, also made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition. Intelligent multi-source perception and fusion integrated machine RACO-RVC220 is an intelligent traffic environment perception and computing device with built-in multi-source sensor data fusion. , attributes, as well as accurate metadata such as road traffic statistics and traffic events, to provide important traffic environment perception for applications such as urban traffic intersections, highways, parks, special traffic scenarios, and traffic law enforcement.

The future has come, and driverless cars are getting closer and closer to us. As one of the industry leaders, Lecco Defense, based on the active deployment of the main business of intelligent network connection, focuses on the future assisted driving and unmanned driving related fields. The development of smart transportation and smart driving in China contributes to corporate value.

Lecco Defense is a listed company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002413). It is specialized in radar systems, intelligent control, satellite applications, secure storage, intelligent networking and other industries. It has mastered the new system radar and radar high-speed real-time signals. It is a high-tech company that develops, designs and manufactures core technologies and products such as processing, full-band phased array, independent and controllable safe storage, and multi-source remote sensing information processing algorithms.

The company has R&D and production bases in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Suzhou, with more than 2,000 employees, including 1 academician, and many of them have been selected into the “National Outstanding Youth Program” and “National Ten Thousand People Program”.

Lecco Defense implements the enterprise spirit of “country, team, hard work and innovation”, adheres to innovation-led and integrated development, and has long been committed to serving various industries and fields of the national economy, and has made important contributions to social and economic development.

Beijing Institute of Technology Ruixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Beijing Institute of Technology disciplinary company under Leike Defense (stock code 002413). It was established by the innovation team of Academician Mao Erke of Beijing Institute of Technology. The founders all originated from the radar technology research of Beijing Institute of Technology. The institute has long been engaged in the research of millimeter-wave radar systems and signal and information processing methods, undertaking major national basic research projects and national key research and development projects, and the related technologies of the research projects have won 3 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Invention Award.

R&D Ruixing millimeter-wave automotive radar technology is benchmarked against international brands. It is the only domestic millimeter-wave radar of Baidu’s Apollo ecological partner. The front anti-collision radar and corner radar have both received orders from multiple car manufacturers, achieving hundreds of millions of dollars. output value.

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