Lars Reger, EVP and CTO of NXP: In the next decade, there will be a “prophet” in the intelligent world

With the rapid development of science and technology, the ever-emerging smart devices are constantly changing people’s way of life. The consulting agency predicts that in the next five years, there will be 50 billion smart connected devices and millions of cloud centers around the world; in the next 10 years, 50-100 million new smart connected devices will enter our lives.

“In the past 20 years, the main drivers of massive growth in the semiconductor market have been notebooks, desktops, and home audio-visual entertainment systems; in the second decade, it was mainly driven by mobile phones, data storage, and cloud computing. A few days ago, Lars Reger, executive vice president and chief technology officer of NXP, said in an interview with “Electronic Technology Applications”, “In the next 10 years, we predict that it will be mainly driven by intelligent digital assistance systems, the Internet of Things. We call such a The new world is an ’empowering, predictable, automated world’”.

Lars Reger, EVP and CTO of NXP: In the next decade, there will be a “prophet” in the intelligent world

Lars Reger, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NXP

How to understand “prediction”, Lars Reger gave an example, at present, to order a pizza or buy something from Taobao, you only need to take out your mobile phone, and you can get the products and services you need by operating, but the future world can predict us demand. This means that smart devices need to be more “smart” and even “know” their needs better than people themselves.

As the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer in many fields, NXP can provide a complete set of chip solutions to support smart connected devices, including portable products such as smart watches, tablets, smartphones, smart homes, robotics manufacturing, and very complex Smart connected electric vehicles.

Lars Reger believes that all smart connected devices are built on the same principles. First of all, it is necessary to “think” by perceiving the environment, further connecting to the cloud to obtain more information, and then transferring the advice obtained from the cloud to the smart device. “Smart connected devices must work on a trusted basis, for example you wouldn’t allow the refrigerator to suddenly order 500L of milk on its own initiative on the weekend or automatically turn off the thermostat, and if it still does, you have to manually control the home. Therefore, smart connected devices must be functionally safe and be able to prevent intrusions, and at the same time be information secure. This is the most basic concept in the development of smart connected devices.” Lars Reger emphasizes.

Four major technology layouts to deal with four major markets

NXP summarizes the main technical carriers of smart devices as perception, thinking, connection and action, and its products continue to innovate around these four aspects.

NXP has launched a complete range of radar sensor solutions that can provide a 360° safe surround detection of the car, not only providing high-resolution images, but also ensuring radar coverage at all positions of the vehicle, which is very important in urban environments. Driving and self-parking are critical.

NXP also provides BlueBox, a secure automotive high-performance computing platform that can not only be used for autonomous driving, but also supports domain architecture. The BlueBox platform recently launched by NXP is the latest generation BlueBox 3.0 version, which is very powerful and can provide a functionally safe S32G microcontroller, as well as the microprocessor core of the high-performance Layerscape processor LX2160A, with a total of 8 interfaces for adding AI acceleration functions. .

For smart homes, NXP has launched a new next-generation WiFi 6E tri-band system-on-chip for access devices. Using the 6GHz frequency band, it can handle hundreds of terminal devices in home scenarios at the same time, and supports 4Gbps bandwidth, which is very ideal. Smart Home Solutions; NXP and LivingPackets join forces to launch LivingPackets’ new smart shipping package THE BOX, marking the successful implementation of NXP’s trusted edge and connectivity technology, enabling labeling and tracking operations such as courier companies can locate packages , which is also particularly important for the cold chain, such as the transportation of vaccines, it is necessary to ensure that they are carried out in a cooled state during the entire transportation process, and use reusable packaging, which will be very important in future logistics scenarios. widely used.

For security services, NXP has launched a new flexible IoT cloud platform, EdgeLock 2GO, for secure management and connectivity of edge devices, which can protect IoT devices at the edge and securely connect them to one or more clouds and service providers.

According to Lars Reger, NXP launched 40 virtual Display animations in the virtual exhibition hall of CES2021, mainly covering the four market areas of automobile, industrial Internet of things, mobile devices and communication infrastructure. Lars Reger shows several scenarios online:


Click the “Car” button, and many car-related fields will appear on the interface. If you select secure access and secure access control system, you can see NXP’s ultra-wideband and car access control; if you select ADAS and autonomous driving, you can see BlueBox and radar .

If you choose radar, you will first see an overview of radar, such as 360° surround detection and very high resolution, scalable platform, and a software toolkit. Entering the display, you can see how the vehicle perceives front and rear, left and right when driving on the highway, how to approach the vehicle through perception, and how it will react when overtaking…

·Industrial Internet of Things

NXP’s layout in the field of Industrial Internet of Things is very extensive, such as smart HMI, smart devices, smart home, smart industrial automation and connectivity. Taking industrial automation as an example, in addition to factory automation, there are also how to operate motors. In Industry 4.0, machines can interact in a touchless, contactless way, and data is automated through transmission across different networks.

When people approach a machine or device, the machine can identify people in two ways, one is using ultra-wideband applications in mobile phones, and the other is facial recognition, which is the solution provided by NXP i.MX 8M Plus. Program. The solution can identify whether the operator is wearing goggles or a helmet, and the machine will only allow the operator to start operations if adequate protection is worn. The entire manufacturing plant is connected by a Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution that supports real-time data exchange, a complete set of digital mirrors can be formed, and computer optimization is used to plan manufacturing.

·Communication infrastructure

Although the current 4G network is already very good, the transmission range is large and evenly distributed, but it will generate overlapping base stations, and there may be blind spots in the coverage. 5G uses very advanced beamforming technology to concentrate wireless data transmission in areas where traffic needs are located. The antenna can form an intelligent pattern according to the traffic and topology of the city.

·Mobile devices

NXP has a layout in both 5G and WiFi 6, mainly in terms of infrastructure, including smart home access, base stations, antennas, etc. So what is the relationship and impact between 5G and WiFi 6 in the future development? Lars Reger believes that 5G and WiFi 6 are a complementary relationship. 5G can transmit data to home scenarios with very high bandwidth, while WiFi 6 can intelligently connect many small devices, such as smoke detectors, curtains, Refrigerators, dishwashers, etc., to form a connection network of smart devices throughout the home. Therefore, WiFi 6 is mainly used as a network for smart homes, while 5G is used to connect the outside world. The two are not in a competitive relationship. They should go hand in hand and be gradually promoted and popularized.

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