Keysight Technologies Introduces New PXIe SourceMeter Modules to Meet Flexible Measurement Needs for High-Accuracy, High-Resolution Test Applications

On January 19, 2021, Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) announced the launch of three new PXIe SourceMeter modules designed to meet the flexible measurement needs of high-precision, high-resolution test applications. These applications include current-voltage (I-V) characterization and testing of semiconductors and other nonlinear devices and materials. Keysight Technologies is a leading technology company dedicated to helping enterprises, service providers and government customers accelerate innovation and create a secure, connected world.

A Source Meter (SMU) is an Electronic instrument capable of powering and measuring simultaneously, accurately applying voltage or current, and simultaneously measuring voltage and/or current. Keysight SourceMeter products are diverse and generally divided into four categories: precision, application-specific, general-purpose, and basic.

Keysight’s new SourceMeter modules include:

The Keysight M9601APXIe precision SMU module is ideal for a variety of current-voltage (I-V) measurement tasks requiring high resolution and accuracy, such as the characterization of semiconductors, active/passive components, and general-purpose Electronic devices, as well as parametric / Reliability testing. With a precision resolution of 500 nV/10 fA, this product can support accurate measurements up to 210 V/315 mA. The pulse and sample measurement function enables the M9601A to perform a variety of measurements from DC to pulses as low as 20 μs at a sampling rate of 1.25 MSa/s.

· The Keysight M9614A and M9615A are PXIe five-channel precision SMU modules ideal for applications requiring high channel density, such as semiconductor reliability testing and integrated circuit (IC) testing. With a precision resolution of 6 uV/10 pA, these two instruments can support accurate measurements up to 30 V/500 mA, and provide a larger output range than conventional PXIe quad-channel SMU modules at a lower channel cost. The seamless current measurement range adjustment feature of both instruments eliminates the time required to change ranges and extends the dynamic range to four measurement ranges, greatly reducing overall test time.

· The Keysight M9602A and M9603A are PXIe precision SMU modules with narrow pulse width (10 μs), large output range, and sampling rates up to 15 MSa/s. They provide dynamic/pulsed measurements for a number of emerging applications such as testing Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) optics and integrated circuits (ICs) with large output ranges and high resolution. In addition, the low noise of both instruments enables short aperture time measurements, and seamless current measurement ranging eliminates the time required to change ranges, increasing test throughput.

“Keysight has been delivering high-precision SMUs to the industry for decades,” said Christopher Cain, vice president of electronics industry products at Keysight Technologies. “Our enhanced benchtop B2900B Series SourceMeter delivers the highest level of accuracy, precision, and measurement throughput. Setting a new benchmark. Based on our deep SMU expertise and the latest electronic technology, we have created a series of high-precision PXIe modular SMU modules. These high-density measurement SMU modules can be flexibly expanded in a PXIe system, thereby shortening the Up to 25% of the overall test time, which is very important for vertical cavity surface emitting laser devices and quantum computing measurements.”

About Keysight

Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) is a leading technology company dedicated to helping enterprises, service providers and government customers accelerate innovation and create a secure, connected world. From design simulation, prototyping, production testing to optimization of network and cloud environments, Keysight provides a full range of test and analysis solutions to help customers deeply optimize their networks, so that their electronic products can be delivered at a lower cost and faster. to market. Our customers span the global communications ecosystem, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics end markets. In fiscal 2020, Keysight’s revenue was $4.2 billion.

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