Join hands again! Break through again! Keyuan & Guangdong Energy to create a new model of 9H gas turbine control for Daya Bay Energy Station!

Recently, Keyuan Wisdom successfully won the bid for Guangdong Yudean Dayawan Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd. 2 sets of 600MW 9H gas-steam combined cycle heat, power and cooling cogeneration project decentralized control system and intelligent power generation platform project.

This is another major breakthrough of the nationally produced DCS system NT6000 in the gas-steam combined cycle unit control system, after the projects of Huadu, Yongan and Binhaiwan. In addition, Keyuan has already won the bid for the smart construction site project of this project, providing it with comprehensive smart management and control during the infrastructure construction period.

Guangdong Yudean Daya Bay Comprehensive Energy Station

Join hands again! Break through again! Keyuan & Guangdong Energy to create a new model of 9H gas turbine control for Daya Bay Energy Station!

Guangdong Yudean Daya Bay Comprehensive Energy Station is located in Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. It is planned to build 4×600MW gas-steam combined cycle heat, power and cooling cogeneration units, and 2×600MW (H-class) gas-steam combined cycle heat and power cogeneration units will be constructed in this phase. It is the first integrated comprehensive energy demonstration base in China that combines hydrogen energy utilization. After the completion of the project, the annual power generation will be about 4.7 billion kWh and the heat supply will be 11.12 million GJ, which will effectively enhance the power support capacity of Huizhou City, meet the heat load demand in the west of the Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone, and at the same time absorb the combustible hydrogen content generated by the surrounding major projects. Exhaust gas, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of energy, and explore and lead a new model of comprehensive energy supply in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

All DCS of the energy station adopt NT6000 intelligent control system and configure field bus. At the same time, a unified processing platform for production real-time data is deployed to realize automatic control of the whole range and the whole process, and help the energy station to operate safely and efficiently.

Three Highlights

Create a new model for 9H gas turbine control

1. Field bus system

The structure of the field bus control system is highly decentralized. The field control equipment adopts full digital communication and has strong data processing, state analysis and fault self-diagnosis functions. The system can diagnose the operating status of the equipment at any time. It greatly improves the integration and intelligence of field equipment, and lays a good foundation for the implementation of digital power plants.

2. Intelligent power generation platform

This project deploys a unified processing platform for real-time production data, including “intelligent analysis”, “intelligent control”, “intelligent operation”, The five intelligent modules of “intelligent alarm” and “intelligent monitoring panel” form an intelligent power generation platform, which realizes the control of the whole range and the whole process, improves the automatic control level of the unit, and greatly reduces the operation volume of operators.

3. APS & FCB

The gas-steam combined cycle generator set has the characteristics of high efficiency and environmental protection, and its rapid start-stop capability has outstanding advantages in peak regulation of the power grid and natural gas pipeline network. The project is also equipped with two functions, APS (automatic start-stop control system for power plants) and FCB (quick load shedding of units to plant electricity). APS can minimize the start-stop time of units and respond to the power grid or natural gas pipeline network in a timely manner. load scheduling. In the event of a power outage accident in the power grid, the FCB can “guarantee power for the factory”, which plays an important role in shortening the power grid’s accident time and reducing operating costs, with significant social benefits.

Smart construction site

Assist in comprehensive intelligent management and control during infrastructure construction

In view of the complex site environment and many potential safety hazards during the infrastructure construction period of the power plant, Keyuan Wisdom makes full use of new technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and intelligent AI to explore and successfully apply them on the construction site during the infrastructure construction period. The smart construction site management and control system has been successfully developed, implemented and put into operation, which empowers traditional power construction management and builds a solid “Great Wall of Safety” for the safety management of construction sites during the capital construction period.

For many years, Keyuan Wisdom has been committed to the application breakthrough of gas turbine intelligent control. In 2016, Keyuan built two 475MW gas-steam combined cycle units in Jiangsu Guoxin Huai’an No. 2 Gas Power Generation Company, achieving the first breakthrough in the application of localized DCS in 9F-class gas turbine units. In 2021, three 700MW gas-steam combined cycle units in Yudean Binhai Bay will achieve the first breakthrough of 9H-class gas turbines.

In the future, Keyuan Wisdom will also use advanced control technology, professional and comprehensive solutions, and make breakthroughs in more innovative applications in the energy industry to accelerate the achievement of the dual-carbon goal!

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