JH-351O BTE FM Open Fit Rechargeable Hearing Aid with USB cable


JH-351O BTE FM Open Fit Rechargeable Hearing Aid with USB cable




Beige, OEM

Max Sound Output

130 ± 5dB

Sound Gain


Frequency Range


Total harmonic wave distortion

500Hz <= 3%
800Hz <= 5%
1600Hz <= 1%

Operation Current




Input Noise


Battery type

Built-in lithium battery

Charging current

28 MA



Standby current


Hearing Loss

slight, moderate

Machine size


Short Description

1.Rechargeable type BTE hearing aid, Eco-friendly and easy to wear with comfortable feeling;
2. Small transparent ear tube, small hearing machine, almost invisible on the ear.
3.Wide frequency range, high-quality sound and it is adjustable for frequency.
4. Open fit hearing aid, no blockage effect, improving wear comfort;
Balanced armature loudspeaker, noise canceling, better sound quality;
5. Supplied by USB charging dock with a USB charging line, easy to charge;
6. Different-sized ear tips supplied to make sure a good fit for users.



Precautions of JH-351O BTE FM Open Fit Rechargeable Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier

1. Charging time: It will take around 2 hours for a finished battery to be fully recharged. It’s strongly suggested to charge for 12 hours for the first time charging.
2. During the charging period, the indication light in the adapter base is showing Red light
3. After charging completed, the indication light will turn to Green light.
4. Important to off the machine before you put on it to your ear.
5. To choose the right size of earplugs will be more comfortable to the ear, and help a better sounds gain, and avoid any extra noise.
6. The switch should be turned to the off position when the apparatus is not in use. That will ensure longer battery life

Package Included

1 Hearing Aid
3 Ear tips
1 USB Dock
1 Strong box
1 Manual book
2 Cleaning tools

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