Is your TV ready for HDMI 2.1?Sony: See you in May

Recently, Sony PlayStation 5 announced the configuration and new handle, as well as some software and hardware features. The rest seems to be only the game lineup, price and the appearance of the new console.

In terms of configuration, the PS5 will use a CPU based on AMD’s third-generation eight-core Ryzen processor, and a custom GPU based on the AMD Radeon Navi series. This graphics card will provide ray tracing technology for the PS5. In addition, the PS5’s CPU will support the implementation of 3D audio effects, it will also support video output at resolutions up to 8K and 4K-level Blu-ray player support for physical discs. This also means that the TV in the user’s home needs to support the HDMI 2.1 interface in order to perfectly present the video quality of the PS5.

Now that we have talked about the HDMI 2.1 interface, I think it is necessary for me to explain to you what is the HDMI 2.1 interface? HDMI, as a “high-definition multimedia interface”, has been the mainstream interface standard for Display devices since its release. Version 1.0 released on December 9th. As of today’s 2.1 version, every update means higher-definition video and audio signal transmission, which also drives the upgrading of hardware such as cables, playback devices, and display devices that use HDMI interfaces.

The latest HDMI 2.1 specification supports a range of higher resolutions and faster refresh rates for an immersive viewing experience and smooth fast-motion details. That is to say, in order for the PS5 to achieve the most perfect picture quality performance, the TV must support HDMI 2.1. It can be said that with HDMI 2.1, the immersive experience will be more obvious when playing games.

That is to say, through the HDMI 2.1 interface, we no longer have to worry about the bad experience caused by the game display delay.The second is the enhanced refresh rate, which can ensure smoother and seamless movement and transition of games, movies and video images. This feature is undoubtedly a huge improvement for our VR experience. Believe me, we use VR devices to play games in games. Soaring in the world

Speaking of this, I believe that everyone should have a deeper understanding of HDMI 2.1. As one of the super features of PS5, it brings us an improvement, even stronger than the iteration on the configuration. We, game lovers, can believe that when we play “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “Cyberpunk 2077” through PS5, the amazing picture performance, thinking of this, will be a happy scene.

In general, PS5, as a much-anticipated game console, is finally about to be released after many delays, which is undoubtedly a very exciting news for us game lovers. And, judging from the news I got, PS5 will also usher in a number of game masterpieces. Among them, Bethesda has confirmed that its upcoming Starfield will land on PS5. Counterplay Games’ upcoming action RPG, Godfall, is also coming to PS5. Even, according to foreign media, Ubisoft’s upcoming games, such as “Watch Dogs: Legion”, “Gods and Monsters” and “Rainbow 6”, will also be optimized for PS5.

In terms of appearance, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest suspense of this PS5. From the perspective of the prototype, the PS5 is very likely to adopt a unique “deep V” form. In addition, according to foreign media reports, the starting price of the PS5 may be as high as $549 (about 3884 yuan), the highest price in history. What else can stop us from buying and experiencing?

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