Is Enough Time to Prepare for the CCIE Lab Certification Exam Before 2020?

To answer this question, we should first gain the answer to some more questions.
Firstly what is Cisco Trying to Achieve with These Changes?
· More flexibility as well as more choices as to how you approach each certification level and transition from one to another. There are no perquisites for certifications at associate and professional levels anymore, i.e. CCNA will no longer be a prerequisite for CCNP.
· Better alignment with the evolving job market, where focus long moved from being a CLI monkey to one more focused on enabling activities that directly matter to the overall CCNP sec 300 206 Dumps.
· Making Entry-level certification more general and broad than ever, where specializations are moved up the chain to Professional and Expert levels.
· Acknowledging the fact that R&S, i.e. routing and switching are now a total commodity (thanks to SDN and the disaggregation of the networking stack going back to 2009). The new name for R&S is “Enterprise” for both CCNP and CCIE levels.
· More focus on pedaling Cisco’s own CCNP sec 300 208 Dumps and continuation education credits by dropping the continuing education administrative fee and widening the scope to include recertification credits to CCNA and CCNP besides CCIE.
· Accepting the fact that folks who completed their CCIEs 20 years ago likely not be working as a Network Engineer today, so giving them an option to stay certified with Emeritus position for life with no ongoing fees.
· Drop overall certification cost, e.g. CCIE pre-qualification exams cost to go from $450 to $300.
· Design exams, i.e. CCDA and CCDP, are slated for retirement once changes take effect on Feb 24, 2020.
Next, you need to understand, what is the CCIE Pre-qualification Exam?
Core Exams going to be the new CCIE written exams, i.e. they cross over Professional as well as Expert level boundaries. Today, CCNP level exams are not a prerequisite for CCIE lab exams since it has its own 400 series exams (e.g. 400-101 for R&S) however that changes in the future where you must take a CCNP level core exam for qualifying for a CCIE lab exam.

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Now, keep in mind that it would be quite for CCIE Security lab, you would be required to take the corresponding CCNP Security Core exam (SCOR or 300-701), the views for SP, DC, and Collaboration core exams. ENCORE 300-401 doubles up as both CCNP Enterprise core exam as well as CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless pre-qualification exam. Again, note that there is no “R&S” nomenclature in the new CCNP and CCIE certifications.
CCIE Lab Exam
The CCIE lab exams are considered to be updated in order to assess candidates’ skills through the entire adoption lifecycle of designing, deploying, operating and optimizing complex CCNP sec 300 209 Dumps. The lab format would be changing to assess these skills end-to-end. The CCIE lab format would be changing to assess candidates’ skills through the entire adoption lifecycle of designing, deploying, operating and optimizing complex network scenarios.
The lab exam would be consisting of 2 modules that would be fixed in time as well as would be delivered in a fixed sequence:
Module 1: Design (3 hours)
Module 2: Deploying, Operating, and Optimizing (5 hours)
Automation, as well as Network Programmability skills, are considered to be an integral part of both the modules.
Now, that if you have gone the changes, which are going to hit the market, you should have known by now that you have very limited time to pass the CCIE Lab Exam. It may be difficult, but it is attainable in a single attempt. Though it is not possible and you still have enough time to study for the CCIE Lab Exam and clear it in a single attempt. But, you are going to need lots of help, the best one would be to gain the best CCNP sec 300 210 Dumps, like the ones which are being offered at the EveDumps.