Inspur servers demonstrate strong Java processing capabilities and once again lead the SPEC test list

At present, all walks of life are in a critical period of business transformation. Diversified and complex data has begun to grow explosively, and data centers are facing huge challenges. As the core part of a data center, servers must have stable and efficient performance to drive the digital transformation and remodeling of various industries. As the world’s leading authoritative brand product, Inspur server has been advancing with the times and constantly creating brilliance.

SPEC jbb2015 (Java server Business Benchmark) is the latest generation of benchmarks released by the International Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) to measure the performance of server Java applications. In order to accurately evaluate the performance level of servers running Java services, a strict scenario-based test environment and test standards are specially defined, which is known as the “crown” in the field of Java application performance testing.

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Not long ago, SPEC announced the latest four-socket server performance test results. Inspur’s new-generation four-socket server NF8260M6 broke the SPEC jbb2015 test record with 397,601 Java transactions per second, once again proving the leading edge of Inspur’s server concept of “scenario-based extreme design” . In this regard, Chen Yanling, Deputy General Manager of Inspur Information Server Product Line, said that the previous generation of Inspur servers had broken 153 SPEC test records. With the release and application of a new generation of server products, Inspur will adhere to the ultimate innovation, with the world’s leading server performance, stability to drive the digital transformation and reshaping of various industries.

Inspur 4-socket server NF8260M6 is based on load balancing topology technology, which can achieve a better balance between improving throughput and reducing overall CPU energy efficiency, and has core advantages in performance and power consumption ratio. In addition, Inspur 4-socket server NF8260M6 also has powerful stand-alone processing performance and good RAS characteristics. Through hot switching, intelligent detection, intelligent management and other technologies, the risk of unplanned system shutdown is greatly reduced, and the main board mean time between failures (MTBF value) Increase to 248,000 hours, providing extremely efficient, stable and reliable computing power for massive data analysis and processing requests of key applications.

With the development of technologies such as cloud, big data, and AI, data-rich applications in industries such as the Internet, finance, energy, and medical care have sprung up, promoting the integration and development of innovative technologies and different industries. At present, Inspur’s new-generation server NF8260M6 has been widely used in government, finance, games and other scenarios.

In the future, Inspur servers will always pay attention to the development of the new era, adhere to the innovative concept of extreme design, continue to create high-quality products, cover more application scenarios, and provide the most appropriate solutions for enterprises of all sizes and types.

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