Infineon TT 330 N 16 KOF 12M1

Infineon   TT 330 N 16 KOF 12M1
TT 330 N 16 KOF 12M1
.Pressure contact technology for high reliability
.Advanced Medium Power Technology (AMPT)
.Industrial standard package
.Electrically insulated baseplate
Typical Applications
.Soft starter
.Rectifier for drives applications
.Crowbar applications
.Power controllers
.Rectifiers for UBS
.Battery chargers
.Static switches
Maximum ratings and characteristics
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:1600V
Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V
Collector current Ic:330A
Collector current Icp:520A
Collector power dissipation Pc:1060W
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES:2500V
Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +130°C
Mounting screw torque 3.5 *1 N·m
Infineon IGBT Module 1600V 330A
TT 330 N 16 KOF 12M1