Indoor Cleaning for Pets

Nowadays, more and more young people choose to become a pet family and raise a cute pet to accompany them. With their cute appearance, pets have indeed brought a lot of happy time to the shoveling officers, especially when they return home, a cute furry child can welcome you back, which can sweep away the fatigue of the day and release work. The pressure brought by, adjust their body and mind.

However, keeping pets is indeed not a simple matter. In addition to taking care of pets’ food, drink and lasa, the cleaning of the home environment is also very important. In order for you and your pet to live in a healthy environment, you must create a clean and tidy living environment. So today I will tell you how to clean the home well for pet families.

Air Cleaning

Indoor air is also very important. Pet activities will make indoor air quality worse. Suspended hair and dust will affect the human respiratory system. At this time, it is natural to use a necklace wearable personal purifier. Be sure to choose a filter element with activated carbon for indoor odor treatment. Because even if you bathe pets, clean cat toilets and other facilities quite frequently, it will inevitably produce some unpleasant odors. The activated carbon filter can filter out odors in the air and improve the comfort of the home environment.

Smart wall mount UV-C air sterilizer is also helpful to clean air. Its disinfection principle is simply to extract indoor air, when passing through the inside of the fuselage, use ultraviolet rays to irradiate without dead ends, and then discharge it back into the room. Through the combination of ultraviolet rays and large air volume, it can achieve high-efficiency sterilization effect. On the basis of the necklace wearable personal purifier, a smart wall mount UV-C air sterilizer is added to further ensure the quality of indoor air and give yourself more protection.

Multi Purpose UV Light Sterilizer
Multi Purpose UV Light Sterilizer
Furniture Cleaning

Cats and dogs will inevitably go to the sofa and bed, which may cause some bacteria, mites, etc. to breed in these places. Therefore, it also needs to be disinfected regularly. Like mattresses, quilts, etc., when the weather is fine, it is a good way to take them out to expose them to the sun, but like a sofa, it is obviously impossible to move them out. For cleaning large furniture, wireless electric nano mister release nano mist to remove dust and bacteria on it. Then we wipe mist away.

Spray Disinfection Machine
Spray Disinfection Machine
Floor Cleaning

The first is that the floor is naturally cleaned. Pets, especially cats or dogs, are always unavoidable to lose their hair. Like cats, it is easy to bring cat litter into the home, so it is necessary to clean the floor at any time. Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are believed to be a must-have product for most households, but vacuum cleaners still need people to operate, and there is no way to clean them at any time, so here I recommend the use of sweeping robots for floor cleaning.

Link: smart uv-c air disinfector

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