If we want to custom flexible packaging, what should we pay attention to?

If we want to custom flexible packaging, what should we pay attention to

We know that shopping malls and supermarkets will customize plastic bags with their own logos, and the plastic bags, vacuum bags, and packaging bags used by businesses need to print corporate logos and related content. Therefore, it is necessary to custom flexible packaging. So, what should we pay attention to when custom flexible packaging?

1.Selection of materials

When custom flexible packaging, it is necessary to know what kind of materials to choose. At present, the main production materials of packaging bags are polyethylene and polypropylene. The former is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, while the latter is toxic and harmful and not environmentally friendly. Therefore, the scope and purpose of use are very different. When customizing, you must choose the appropriate materials according to what your packaging bag is used for.

custom flexible packaging

2.Selection of size

If it is custom flexible packaging, the model size can be determined by itself. Take the convenience bag in the supermarket as an example. Generally speaking, there are three models of large, medium and small, and these models are not completely unified with the manufacturer. Sometimes, the model can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the supermarket. In addition, convenience bags in supermarkets must be printed with the national unified chain logo, bags such as food safety, and must be printed with food safety-related signs before they can be put into use.