How To Save Your Business Post-Covid With A Well-developed Mobile App?

The outbreak of COVID-19 was an unstoppable massacre not only for the human race but also for the global economies. The adverse impact of the pandemic disrupted the entire marketplace with a sheer downfall in the industrial growth of new startups & businesses emerging in the competitive landscape. 

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Post-covid Business

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More than 75% of small businesses faced a negative consequence of pandemic outbreaks while only 5% succeeded to mitigate the impact.

While the world has gradually adopted contact-less, social distancing, & general norms or guidelines to prevent COVID-19, business segments are on the verge to leverage mobile app technologies to explore new opportunities for the survival of post covid business with mobile apps.  

As the majority of nations have relaxed lockdown restrictions, for now, more & more SMEs are reopening to thrive & survive. However, still there is a huge count of entrepreneurs who are yet to discover top technology upgrades for business to continue their post covid business operations with mobile apps.

Important Knows-hows To Run Post-covid Business With Mobile apps

While most organizations & their workforce continue to operate remotely, some sorts of industries cannot adhere to ‘work from home’ or similar scenarios that became new normal during peak days of the pandemic.

It’s scary but unarguably true that around 90% of startups are likely to fail in the covid-strucked era. Even a popular guide for entrepreneurs to pivot their startups elaborates the role of mobile app technology in shaping success stories of prominent tech brands existing in the market.

When it comes to establishing your post-covid business with mobile apps, here are some pointers for every business enthusiast & aspiring appreneur to stay on a safer side:

#1. Incorporate Integrated Remote Tools 

It’s obvious that most businesses were supposed to stay on remote working from home environments during the early days of the pandemic. Now when it’s time to shift from remote work is the need of the hour for post-covid businesses, using collaborative tools for project management, time tracking, live video conferencing, etc. turns more rewarding with cross-platform app development especially for Android & iOS.

Even in the IT industry, startups facing challenges with limited expertise on how to manage remote developers find such remote collaboration tools as incredible assets to thrive their post-covid business with mobile apps.  

#2. Redefine Services For ‘New Normal’ Consumers 

The impact of digital technology on businesses during pandemic is not the only concern for present-day entrepreneurs now. In fact, SMEs shall have to focus on the unprecedented demand of consumers for their products & services that drastically transformed under the influence of covid outbreak.

Small organizations must take inspiration from Life Points to bring a result-driven post-covid business plan. It is worth mentioning that this company is rewarding users who’re spending time at the gym on its newly released version of the fitness app. Such kinds of fitness apps survived the impact of covid & will continue to survive in the post-pandemic days as well! 

Similarly, Boxcar has transformed its Jersey-based vehicle parking mobile app into a food ordering app that became one of the top trending types of on-demand delivery apps during the pandemic.

To survive successfully with your post-covid businesses, it’s imperative to redefine your services/products to adapt to the ongoing evolution of customer needs & preferences for pandemic-influenced industrial changes. 


#3. Strategize For Social Media Promotion

One solid strategy to boost your post-covid business with mobile apps sets an effective business communication setup for social networking.

While many new entrants wonder about how to promote an app on social media, most organizations are shaping post covid-19 business plans to socialize & publicize their brands on mobile apps.

Mobile apps bring enormous opportunities to communicate & inform customers about your availability or products/services. They bring a transparent channel to interact with potential clients & ensure their visit to you after lockdown.  

#4. Outline An Effective Marketing Plan

Every strategic mobile app development for startups involves a results-driven marketing plan to deal with the challenging aspects of coronavirus business response. The present state of establishing a post-covid business with mobile apps reflects different processes addressing physical & financial limitations.

Apart from applying the best trending app ideas for businesses model, one must note down these ways to marketize your brand in the post-pandemic space:

  • Offer exclusive deals & discounts to attract customers.
  • Connect with customers through online channels, provide consultations & guidance through broadcasts, messengers, virtual conferences, & more.
  • Encourage users to participate in online polls, questionnaires, marathons, product launches, etc.
  • Provide value-added services or products customers desire to use during the quarantine period. 

#5. Migrate To The Mobile App Space

Not only businesses were convinced to have an online platform or mobile app prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now when the lockdown restrictions have minimal interruptions in the market activities, it’s a sensible approach to consider mobile app development as a part of your post-covid business plan.

Shifting to the mobile app world is a viable enterprise mobility strategy to broaden your market reach among ardent internet users no matter if the pandemic continues or disappears in the future.

Industry-wise Ideas To Set Up A Post-covid Business With Mobile Apps

The next-gen mobile app technology & tool has a lot more advantages than imagined. Regardless of diverse industry types & business backgrounds, post-covid businesses with mobile apps explore multifarious opportunities to increase profits with broader exposure to the digital marketplace.

Let’s proceed further to unveil some worthful mobile app ideas to embrace digital transformation technologies for diverse industries:

#1. Education Industry

The market size of the global eLearning industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to a report by StrategyR, the market value of online education will go beyond $157.7 billion by the end of the year 2025.


For those who’re intending to explore the education industry to embrace eLearning, these ideas will drive profits for post-covid businesses with mobile apps:

  • Educational apps for schools: Such online learning apps are based on student management systems, virtual classroom setups, learning management systems, student performance assessment, & more. 
  • Language learning apps: Online classes for advanced language learning courses from certified language experts & teachers to share their knowledge base on apps like Duolingo, Memrise, Linguist, Rosetta stone, etc.
  • Remote tutoring apps for learners: Online tutoring apps such as Chegg, Hashlearn, VIPKID, are exceptionally popular for primary & secondary education for students who can’t attend schools, colleges, or educational institutions. 
  • Special education apps: Another idea to refine the way mobile app technology is revolutionizing the education industry in today’s time of post-covid conditions is determined to provide quality education for disabled people. Apps like Rufus robot, Otsimo, Montessori numbers, etc. are meant for catering to special education.

#2. Healthcare & Fitness Industry

The emergence of telehealth has gotten a great response from medical specialists as well as patients who preferred using top healthcare mobile apps in the early days of the pandemic outbreak.

Take a look at these prominent categories to consider for your post-covid business with mobile apps in the healthcare & fitness industry. 

  • Telemedicine/online healthcare apps: From doctors to surgeons, hospitals, clinics, researchers, & medical practitioners, the global healthcare organizations are all set to dwell into the significant impact on telemedicine apps amid covid 19 to launch their post-covid business with mobile apps. 

Whether it’s about remote patient monitoring or medical supply inventory management, on-demand medicine delivery, health diagnosis & checkups, the most popular categories of mhealth apps include diverse areas of healthcare facilities to provide as a post-covid app idea. 

  • Social media for fitness: The craze for better healthcare & fitness introduces one more category to shape your idea for a post-covid business with mobile apps.

The blend of social media & best self-care apps together brings an all-in-one platform to connect fitness lovers, trainers, yoga experts, & related healthcare professionals to keep track on fitness levels through a social media fitness app.

  • Video workout lessons: The growing usage of workout apps among hardcore fitness lovers uncovers one crucial aspect of fitness app development guide that underlines live streaming workout sessions that users can attend while sitting at their home. 

#3. On-demand Food Delivery

On-demand app development is a workable strategy for restaurants & food chains to run their post-covid business with mobile apps.  

As per eMarketer’s survey report, the no. of food delivery app users in the US was 31.4 million in 2018 & this count is projected to reach 59.5 million by the end of 2025.

Apart from food delivery & restaurant segments, the e-retail industry too witnessed a tremendous surge in overall grocery spendings when the lockdown was imposed in the US last year as showcased in the below graph. 


#4. Media & Entertainment Industry

The popularity of live-streaming apps made jaw-dropping records with the emergence of 1 million active users within a period of the first three weeks of the pandemic.

Of course, it clearly reflects that mobile apps have revolutionized the entertainment industry even in the most competitive days of covid-induced lockdown. Disney, Netflix, YouTube, etc. are some prominent media & entertainment platforms that made profits last year.

#5. Fintech Industry

The Fintech industry boomed when people were incapable of visiting banks & ATMs during lockdowns last year. 


Many banking firms opted for finance app development services to automate services for insurance, investment & stock tracking, banking and money management, loan/lending, customer finance, & more. 

Let Your Business Propel In The Post-covid World With Team Appventurez!

Upon reading this post, small businesses & growing enterprises get some clarity on how to establish their post-covid business with mobile apps. However, it’s only possible with experienced & creditable helping hands like Appventurez, a renowned technology partner of globally leading brands. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 was very unpredictable & destructive not just for humans but also for budding entrepreneurs. Fortunately, the majority of them survived with a robust business continuity plan & cross-platform app development strategy to cope with the challenges arising on the way. Hence, it’s a good time to consider aforesaid ways to enter the competitive market with guaranteed growth of your post-covid business with mobile apps. 



Q.1- How mobile apps can revive post-covid businesses as a pandemic-response strategy?

The investment in technologies like IoT, AI, chatbots, blockchain has been on rising since the initial days of the pandemic outbreak. Almost every organization is now coming up with a post-covid enterprise recovery plan to mitigate the lags in the existing business continuity process.

From accelerated process automation to cloud-based business activities, organizations made big changes to deal with their upcoming challenges in the post-covid market scenario.  

Q.2- What are the most profitable post-covid business ideas for the logistics segment?

Approximately 40% of the global organizations use logistic mobile apps to automate order processing, warehousing, inventory planning, & transport services with contactless delivery & preventative measures against covid. 

Q.3- What’s the best post-covid business model for restaurant apps?

Most food startups & restaurants turned into grocery delivery apps to continue their business operations amid pandemic outbreaks. Now when covid restrictions are lifted across the worldwide nations, restaurants seek a strategy to revive their post-covid business with mobile apps.

While dine-in culture is no more in fashion, providing safer & convenient ways to order food at doorsteps with options for takeaway is a good idea to run a restaurant in the pandemic-influenced market.