How to Reduce and Prevent Dust?

1)Open the windows less and choose the timing of opening the windows for ventilation. For the general particulate matter in the atmosphere of Category 1, it is necessary to summarize when these particles are generated in large quantities, so as to avoid the peak period and open the window. Generally, open the window 2-3 times a day for ventilation, and ventilation for 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

Nano Spray Gun Blue Light
Nano Spray Gun Blue Light

2) Place a carpet at the entrance of the house, rub the carpet with shoes when entering the door, reduce the contamination of the soles, and change to special slippers indoors; clean the open balcony frequently. These are effective measures to reduce substituted particulate matter.
3) Diligently clean the indoor hygiene, vacuum the wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner, clean the furniture with a semi-dry rag, and use a wet mop and other measures to significantly reduce the particulate matter attached to the room and prevent it from flying again.
4) Wash and change clothes and bedding frequently. Bedding is recommended to be washed at least once a week. Try to choose high-count and high-density bedding to reduce the shedding of fabric fibers. Wireless electric nano mister also relieve your burden of cleaning dirt.
5) Efficient HEPA air purifier. Using an air purifier is an effective measure to reduce atmospheric particulate matter. When choosing an air purifier, you should try to choose an air purifier with high particle removal efficiency, such as the trueHEPA air purifier using H13 filter material, which not only ensures high one-time filtration efficiency (up to 99.97% @0.3 micron particles), at the same time, all the captured particles will hardly pass through the filter and cause re-scattering; while the filter with a lower filtration level not only has low capture efficiency, but also has a higher transmission rate for micron-level particles.

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