How to properly maintain your stainless steel flower box?

Stainless steel flowerpot maintenance is effortless, because of this, widely by horticulturalists, designers, business professionals prefer to choose stainless steel flowerpot as decoration, stainless steel flowerpot maintenance, the use of the process to pay attention to the following matters.

Please wash the metal flower vases with mild water

Both indoor and outdoor planters need regular cleaning to remove dirt and dust from Galvanized Metal Flower Vases surface, and metal planters can be washed with soapy water, weak detergent or warm water. The surface grease, oil, lubricating oil of flowerpot implement is polluted, wipe clean with soft cloth, wash with neuter scour or ammonia solution or use special scour next. The surface of the stainless steel flowerpot is covered with bleach and various acids. Rinse with water immediately and then leach with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution.

Stainless steel wire drawing flower box cleaning attention along the direction of the wire to wipe, so that it is easier to protect the stainless steel wire drawing flower box surface structure.

Do not use chemicals or abrasives

When cleaning the surface of Stainless steel flower pot, attention must be paid to avoid scratches, avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive detergent, steel wire balls, grinding tools, etc., in order to get rid of the detergent, clean water to wash the surface after the end of washing.

In addition, do not use high – pressure cleaning machine cleaning stainless steel flower. Although pressure to clean the container may speed up the cleaning process, too much pressure can damage the surface treatment of the pot or even damage the plant.

Stainless steel box is concise and lively line give full play to the connotation of willfulness, fashionable, unique, many landscape use metal plant containers do decoration, graceful curve combined with the master professional welding polishing technology, stainless steel pot give a person a kind of halcyon to far, leisurely contained sweet, warm, always let a person with an endless, stainless steel pot floral organ is not only a sublimation of the container is also a kind of art.

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