How to process ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

Because the melt viscosity of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW Machining) is as high as 108Pa * s, the fluidity is extremely poor, and its melt index is almost zero, so it is difficult to process it by general mechanical processing methods. Through continuous improvement of processing technology, it has developed from the original pressing-sintering molding to extrusion, blow molding and injection molding, and other special methods.

Ultra-high molecular weight UHMW machining itself is relatively soft, with high speed and large cutting amount. The cutting edge is sharp and does not grind the auxiliary cutting edge. The tip uses a large rounded smoothing edge. Stainless steel blade or ordinary alloy blade can be used.

The speed should be higher, and the feed should be adjusted lower. Tools can choose uncoated carbide inserts, but they must be sharp.

Machining UHMW is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance, with special impact resistance, abrasion resistance, self-lubrication and other mechanical properties. It can be used in papermaking machinery, textile equipment, chemical machinery, material transportation department and food machinery, sports equipment, high-strength mold.