How to prevent high-gloss machine tool from rusting?

In recent years, with the rapid development of high-gloss machine technology, no one has entered the development lane of the production workshop, so a series of rapid development of professional economic development has been released. With the coming of the period when the intelligent system has no people in the factory, the high-gloss cnc machine is the fourth most important constructor. No doubt, the price of the high-gloss machine is relatively expensive, so people usually operate It must be properly repaired and maintained. Today, the web editor will explain to everyone how to prevent the corrosion of high-gloss CNC lathes. I look forward to helping you.

  1. In order to discourage the breeding of germs, cutting oil should be added or replaced immediately, as long as it is convenient to use double distilled water to mix the liquid.
  2. In order to prevent water from corroding the appearance of metal materials, grease and grease should often be used to enrich and lubricate the high-gloss CNC lathes of hardware machinery, and wipe the lubricating grease in the anxious position of the CNC lathe.
  3. In order to prevent water-soluble cutting oil from penetrating into the high-gloss machine tool of hardware machinery, ductile hydraulic seals made of high-quality fluoroplastics should be used. This can extend the service life of CNC lathes and components.
  4. After shutdown, turn on the high-gloss machine tool protective cover to drive away the moist atmosphere in the area of ​​the swiss lathe. Wipe a layer of moisture-proof lubricating grease bunker on the top of the CNC lathe. If necessary, press the exhaust fan to accelerate the smooth atmosphere.
  5. In order to prevent the cause of electric corrosion, the appearance of the fixture and the work table should be accurately positioned, the appearance of the screws and the anchor bolts should be accurately positioned, and a layer of moisture-proof lubricating grease should be wiped, and the ground should be strictly grounded by the CNC lathe. The device, only the grounding device of the electrical cabinet is not covered.
  6. Properly manipulate the cutting oil concentration value to prevent the iron value from sticking to the corners of the high-gloss machine tool of the CNC machine tool and causing rust. When the CNC lathe discourages things, use cutting oil to clean and clean the appearance of the CNC lathe, and immediately settle the accumulated iron pins to facilitate it to cause a safety accident.
  7. The anti-rust surface treatment effect of the cutting oil of the innovative high-gloss CNC lathe is established by the layer of oil slick generated after the battle between the cutting oil and the slide rail. For the new CNC lathe, it is necessary for the cutting oil to produce oil slick in the appearance. Time, and because there are some residues on the slide surface of the new CNC lathe, wash the CNC lathe with 2% cutting oil for 2 hours. The concentration value added for the first time after washing is 2% higher than all normal application concentration values. After time, it can be adjusted to all normal concentration values.