How to Prepare the MCSE Exam in my Experience

In fact, what I want to say after getting MCSE is still some of these experiences. People of our generation want to say that the exam has gone through countless times, and it can be regarded as a battle-hardened experience. But if you think about it, it is not difficult to find important previous exams, whether it is elementary school, middle school or college entrance examination, there must be a teacher repeatedly emphasized the type of questions, the way of writing, the scoring criteria, and even predict what questions will come out. These things seem to be a less important subsidiary, but in fact understanding these Microsoft 70 473 Dumps is undoubtedly very helpful in improving the score.

However, it is difficult to obtain this information from the “regular” channels in the Microsoft certification exams, because both the Microsoft Certified Advanced Technical Education Center CTEC and the certified candidates must follow a ‘test questions not leak agreement’. Although this agreement On the surface, it is restricted that the exam questions are not leaked, but what is included in that aspect is explained by Microsoft Corporation in the United States, so CTEC generally does not provide this Microsoft 70 475 Dumps formally. You must know that if you work hard to apply for CTEC qualifications, If you cancel, then you will lose a lot.


At the same time, Microsoft ’s test questions and the form of questions are constantly changing. Before changing the way of asking questions, it will not be explained in advance like the college entrance examination. Only when candidates take this course will they find that the changes are made. This sudden change will definitely affect Candidates brought tremendous mental stress.

As far as the current situation is concerned, there are three types of exams in the Microsoft 70 773 Dumps: the earliest fixed 54-question test method (hereinafter referred to as 54), the variable-length adaptive test (hereinafter referred to as Adaptive) and its fixed 30-test method (hereinafter referred to as F30) ).

The development order of these several methods is from F54 to Adaptive to F30, and it is not ruled out that it is possible to directly go from F54 to F30 in the future, but at least this situation has not been seen so far. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft 70 774 Dumps method changes will not be notified in advance. Once you find that the test type change will definitely be chaotic. One of my classmates changed the test type from Adaptive to F30 when testing Networking ssentials. He was psychologically unprepared to fail, and this failure must be said to be a blow, which depressed him for several weeks before he cheered up.

In fact, two days before his exam, I saw a friend ’s post on the Internet, saying that he had scored 933 points on Networking Essentials, and said that there were some small changes in the question type from 25 to 30. So I didn’t think much about it, it was only that he did very well in the exam. And before any of my classmates took the exam, I encouraged him to say that someone had scored 933 points, which should not be difficult. In fact, due to the change in the examination method, the score changed from the original Adaptive 588 to 833 points. It is no wonder that the man who posted on the Internet took the 933 test. If I watched this post at the time and told the classmates about the changes in the Microsoft 98 364 Dumps, I might not get the results now. So if we know the types and characteristics of the various exams, we can be sure that we can keep track of them no matter how they change.